Changes to the Matica Group Management Team

Directorial Changes for Matica System Global Sales and Product Management
Milan, Italy, 16th May 2013 – Matica System,a leading worldwide company that designs, manufactures and distributes card personalization, card mailing systems and ID card printers, today announces some changes to its Group Management Team.

Effective immediately, Mr. Antonio Santos is the new Global Sales Director for the Systems Division, and Mr. Massimo Pegoraro is the Global Manager of Technical Support and Engineering Systems. Also, in a dual role, Mr. Valerio Cimbro has become both the acting Global Product Manager for Systems and the Global Sales Engineering Manager for Systems.These changes are intended to help each manager focus on the development and distribution of specific product lines vital to the growth and expansion of the group.

Mr. Santos, appointed as new Global Sales Director – Systems Division, will drive the continued growth of the Matica® line of mid-high volume personalization systems for the centralized issuance of financial, loyalty and ID cards. This includes the recently amalgamated S5000, S6000 and S7000 product lines, plus mailing systems, metal plate embossers, and desktop financial instant issuance systems.

Also, in a dual role, Massimo Pegoraro is now the Global Manager of both the Technical Support & Engineering Systems teams. By managing these teams at Matica System, Mr. Pegoraro will have direct oversight to both the production of new solutions that expand the capabilities of Matica® product lines, but also improve the technical capacity of its support structure to fully maintain the new solutions in the field for years to come.

In a combined role, Mr. Cimbro will oversee the future development of the Matica® card personalization systems, plus act as the lead sales engineer for these systems to make sure its customers receive the precise configurations necessary for their intended workflow. It will be his responsibility to initiate and develop new integrated stations for the modular system solutions while also assisting the sales team in configuring custom assemblies for projects.

It is the intent of the Group to use the specific skills and industry experiences acquired by these three managers to better create and deliver solutions that meet the changing needs of its worldwide customer base. With this more dedicated personnel focus, the Group is better equipped to face the unique challenges of various global card personalization markets, and develop future EDIsecure®and Matica® solutions to meet those requirements head on.