Matica announces the new T10 Plus Professional CardPrinter

New T10 Plus Professional Graphic Printer to be released at Cartes 2011 by Matica System for unsurpassed high-speed cards personalization
Paderno Dugnano (MI), ITALY, november 2011 :

Matica System will introduce at Cartes 2011 in Paris its new high-speed “T10 Plus” professionalprinting solution allowing to dramatically increase card printing speed, thanks to its new fully-ownedS1 dye-sublimation printing engine technology.With a print resolution of 300 DPI, the new T10 Plus is capable of printing both full-color andmonochrome cards and is addressed primarily to professional users, such as service bureaus and volume issuers, that need to print an high volume of cards, but nevertheless without compromising the quality, and together be capable to encode smart cards (contact or contactless) as well asmagnetic stripe.

he new T10 Plus, in fact, is capable to print up to 2.400 card per hour (monochrome) but also itscolor graphic printing capabilities show brilliant and very professional cards, so that it can also beutilized for nice cards applications, like picture cards (employee or student ID, membership, accesscontrol as an example), gift cards, loyalty cards and the like.

As anticipated last year, this is one of the first operative results of Matica’s investment efforts, inparticular the company has in-sourced some strategic key technologies, including this one, as well ascreating a new R&D excellence center dedicated to printing technologies.

Matica’s latest graphic printing engine is a considerable jump ahead, bringing unsurpassedperformance if compared to competitors’ solutions and allows nearly to double speed if comparedto the previously used module in its T10 predecessor model.About MATICA : Matica System is a world leading supplier of systems and printing solutions for the financial,government and retail worlds. Matica provides solutions for security documents, and systems for thefinancial cards personalization as well as any other type of cards for uses like employees ID, access control,clubs entry passes, fidelity and promotion cards, transit & parking and many others.

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