Matica announces the new Z3e instant issuance solution

New Z3e machine to be released at Cartes 2011 by Matica Systemfor financial cards distributed instant issuance
Paderno Dugnano (MI), ITALY, November 2011 :

Matica System will introduce at Cartes 2011 in Paris its new solution for the distributed instantissuance of credit/debit cards. This new machine, named Z3e, is aimed to provide banks, financialinstitutions and service bureaus their perfect solution for personalizing credit and/or debit cardsinstantly, following the growing trend of supplying customers their brand new card at the sametime they open an account or submit their request.The new Z3e takes benefit of Matica’s consolidated and fully owned technologies in card issuance,in fact it uses many common parts utilized in upper class personalization machines, including theembosser which is the core. This allows Matica to capitalize on its technology and customers totake benefit of its mass production and reliability.The new Z3e is available with 1 or 2 embossing drums, performs contact chip smart cards encodingas well as MiFare contactless cards, plus magnetic stripe encoding, allowing tailoredprice/performance application goals and a scalability to its customers.Fully designed and manufactured at Matica’s production plants in Europe, the new Z3e representsthe new market reference in terms of flexibility, robustness, reliability and lowest TCO, also thanksto its optimized tipping station, that allows cards producers to create an average of 4.000 cards pereach tipping ribbon used. For these reasons major cards issuing global players are already givingMatica their preference, counting on the new Z3e to implement and deploy their ever growingstrategic distributed instant issuance programs.About MATICA : Matica System is a world leading supplier of systems and printing solutions for thefinancial, government and retail worlds. Matica provides solutions for security documents, and systems forthe financial cards personalization as well as any other type of cards for uses like employees ID, accesscontrol, clubs entry passes, fidelity and promotion cards, transit & parking and many others.

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