Three new group appointments

Stuttgart, January 9, 2014 (A0JELZ)

Matica Technologies AG, a leading international ID solutions provider, announces today three new group appointments:
• VP of Product Marketing
• VP Corporate Marketing
• Regional Sales Director, Europe

VP of Product Marketing, Mr. Eric Bouvard

Experienced Senior Manager Joins MaticaTo Oversee Group Product Marketing
We are proud of announcing that Mr. Eric Bouvard has been appointed the Vice President of Product Marketing for the global Matica group of companies.
Mr. Eric Bouvard most recently served as a Product Manager at Evolis, where he helped develop the company’s products and brand into a leading position in the identification card marketplace. Prior to joining Evolis, Eric honed his product manager skills for over fifteen years at leading international companies such as Lucent Technologies and Siemens Nixdorf. Mr. Bouvard holds an MBA in Business Management and is fluent in English and French, which will be especially helpful as Mr. Bouvard works with the international team at Matica.
“The addition of an identification industry marketing veteran like Eric to our company is particularly strategic now as we prepare to launch some of our most important products ever,” said Sandro Camilleri. “We invest heavily in research and development and the production of our own products, so having someone on board like Eric that already knows how to chart a course for the direction we are headed will be extremely valuable. I expect Eric to play a key leadership role in navigating the waters ahead, and to insure that Matica becomes synonymous with ‘industry leader’ for the desktop card printer segment.”

VP of Corporate Marketing, Mr. Harald Zinn

In addition, we are glad to announce that Harald Zinn has been appointed as Vice President of Corporate Marketing for our global group of companies.
Mr. Zinn most recently served in Matica Technologies as Regional Director of the European Region. Prior to being in this position, Harald was responsiblefor the European Sales and Marketing Operations at Digital Identification Solutions AG, where he was one of the founders. Harald has a strong marketing background as well as a solid technical engineer education. He started his career at Nixdorf Computer AG in Paderborn/Germany as a System Engineer and Project Manager. Since his change to Kodak AG in Stuttgart/Germany about 23 years ago, he has been involved in the ID card printer business on an international scale in various leading positions.
“Since Matica is on its way to become an internationally recognized industry leader, Harald’s strong and long-term marketing experience will help us to create professional internal and external communications,” said Sandro Camilleri. “Being an industry leader creates high expectations, and together with Harald and his team, the group will not only get a new look and feel but a new professional brand presence.” Harald will be located in Esslingen/Germany and remains Branch Manager for the German Branch.

Regional Sales Director, Europe, Mr. Luigi Piserchia

At the same time,Matica is pleased to announce that Luigi Piserchia has been appointed as the new Regional Sales Director responsible for the sales of Matica’s complete product portfolio in the European Region.
Luigi most recently served in Matica Systems S.p.A. as Business Development Manager for the Western European Region. He helped develop the systems business into a leading position in the card issuance market. Prior to being in this position, Luigi was VP of Sales and Marketing at Number Five Software SRL, responsible for the EMEA Operations. He started his career at CIM S.p.A. in Bologna/Italy as an Area Sales Manager for desktop embossers and ID printers. Since his entryinto the card industry in 1991, he has been involved in the card issuance business on an international scale in various leading positions.
“Luigi has significantly contributed to the expansion of our systems business in the past. He brings to his new role extensive sales experience and will help us strengthen our overall market position in Europe. We are glad that Luigi, a loyal, long-term Matica manager, is on board and managing our
printers and systems division sales in one of our most important regions,” says Sandro Camilleri.



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