Change to the Board of Directors

Fabrizio Armone will leave the company on February 28th, 2014

Stuttgart/Germany, February 21, 2014 (A0JELZ) – Matica Technologies AG (MT), a leading international ID solutions provider, announces a change to its board of directors: Fabrizio Armone will step down as CFO and leave the company with effect from the end of the current month of February to pursue a different career.

Fabrizio Armone joined Matica Technologies AG in September 2011 and has worked since then along with the CEO Sandro Camilleri to implement the turnaround of the former Digital Identification Solutions AG into a financially stable, competitive player in today’s challenging global markets. He decided to leave the company for personal reasons now that the company is back on a sound successful track.

‘We are thankful for the commitment and the passion Fabrizio brought in his role, and although we shall miss him we respect his decision to pursue his personal interests’, comments Sandro Camilleri, Matica Technologies’ CEO. ‘The results of the past two and a half years show that our simple – yet not easy – idea to bring together the strong intellectual property values and competences of a producer with an international reseller pays out and can add value to all shareholders’, adds Camilleri.

‘It was a great pleasure other than an extremely rewarding and passionate task to work in such an exciting international assignment, which gave me the satisfaction of a truly 360 degrees role. Today’s Matica Technologies finally found its own identity to grow in a healthy and solid way thanks to a clear vision and strong market positioning. I want to thank the CEO for the trust and support in my role across this period’, says Fabrizio Armone.