Matica Technologies Launches a New Generation of Laser Modules

The new range of laser engraving solutions embeds the latest available technology from low to mid and high volumes of cards.
Esslingen, July 7, 2015

Matica Technologies AG (A0JELZ) announces new additions to its laser product portfolio. The new product series of Matica® laser modules meet the growing demands of financial and government ID cards, telecommunication, and many others needs e.g. in the healthcare and transit industry.

The new generation of laser engravers evolves from the existing laser offering, both in desktop solutions for decentralized and in central issuance systems for high volume and throughput applications. Matica´s new laser modules offer optimized build-in technology, higher performance capabilities and an extended lifespan for high production throughput. The new generation represents a fully scalable product range from 100 cards per hour (cph) to 2.000 cph, operating at up to three shifts for an impressive card production capability of up to 45.000 cards per day. The overall performance is beyond comparison, with a re-designed card transport to speed up the card movement three times faster than before on central issuance units.

“Matica is one of the worldwide leading vendors for financial and secure ID card issuance systems“, says Sandro Camillieri, CEO of Matica Technologies AG. “We now provide a new generation of laser modules with improved capabilities and features with state-of-the art technology at the best price performance ratio. Our laser technology leads in two different solutions: one for central issuance and the other for all desktop machines”, continues Sandro Camilleri.



Matica’s desktop laser engraving systems allow inline engraved personalization of data and images on either card side, plus different encoding options such as magnetic stripe, contact and contactless technology.

  • The new LCP8000 laser color personalization printer combines 600dpi retransfer printing with a low power DPSS laser engraver. It was developed exclusively for high security corporate needs as well as government applications. It integrates the advantages of high quality XID retransfer color printing with secure laser engraving on a card in a single process.
  • The new LES8000 laser engraving system is based on the same laser engraver technology. It is ideal for high security corporate and government applications such as national IDs and driver licenses.
  • The new S5200LX desktop industrial solution for low to mid volume card production integrates a single laser unit, operates at mid power, and combines single or multiple chip encoding. The fiber-based laser source has an incredible long lasting lifetime of 100.000 hours, a scalable investment with an affordable total cost of ownership (TCO). It also provides outstanding grey scale for photos and high resolution graphics.

“With Matica’s new LX laser range we leveraged our technology to match growing requirements in performance, TCO, and emerging applications like display and metal cards”, says Ferdinando Filippone, Product Marketing Director at Matica Technologies AG. “Matica Technology pioneers the print ID market through the adaptation of fiber based technology for improved process speed and in the quality of grey scale photos within the S5200 to S7000 product range. The laser color personalization and laser engraver continue to supplement unsurpassed features and output quality of our desktop ID products”, closes Ferdinando Filippone.



  • The new S6200LX integrates a single fiber laser unit, operates at high power, and includes a multichip encoder. The new floor standing S6200 line consists of several pre-configured card personalization solutions for graphics printing, embossing or both, also with encoding options.
  • S7000LX can be configured with up to four laser modules and can be combined with any option of Matica´s S7000 product to build a complete solution for card personalization and fulfillment applications.


Matica’s LCP8000 is available now through Matica´s dealer network. S5200LX, S6200LX and S7000LX will be available the end of Q2 2015. LES8000 will be available in Q4 2015.

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