Matica demonstrates card issuance innovations at CARTES 2015

Preview of available technologies in 2016 will be presented to delegates in Paris for financial card issuance, government ID card personalization and corporate ID card sectors
MUNICH, November 17, 2015

Matica Technologies AG (A0JELZ), announced today that it will demonstrate its comprehensive product portfolio of financial and secure ID card issuance at Cartes Secure Connexions, the global event for payment, identification and mobility. The demonstrations will include innovations for financial card issuance, government card personalization and corporate ID card printing.

Highlights include the Matica XID9600e, a new retransfer printer line with the highest production throughput in the market, a full new range of financial card issuance products, Matica´s complete S3000 line for credit and debit card applications as well as newly available modules for the centralized production of financial and ID cards with the S7000.

“Our ultimate vision is to provide our customers with a comprehensive and carefully engineered range of products for a broad number of industries and card applications”, said Sandro Camilleri, CEO of Matica Technologies AG. “As we continue to develop and design powerful and reliable products, we are proud to make another step forward to offer industry leading solutions.”

The range of products that Matica will present at Cartes includes:

Matica Technologies will demonstrate its latest advancements in financial card issuance with one of the widest range of products on the market, and aimed at supporting debit and credit card personalization in-branch and in kiosk solutions.

  • The new S3100 is a new desktop direct-to-card printer to issue pre-printed debit cards and pre-paid cards over the counter. It combines high quality monochrome and color printing with magnetic and chip encoding.
  • S3200 is a retransfer desktop printer based on Matica´s proven technology to issue credit and debit cards. A dedicated financial card personalization system with crucial modules for EMV-compliancy.
  • S3400 and S3500 a versatile and newly launched instant issuance system with multi-hopper, complying with Visa® and Mastercard® requirements to print, emboss, indent and meeting PCI-DSS data security standards. Available in two different set-ups to accommodate customer needs.

In a dedicated area for ‘Financial Kiosks’, Matica will showcase the K3 Kiosk card issuance module and a complete solution integrated in a Virtual Teller Machine (VTM) to personalize debit and credit cards in-branch and even in a shopping mall.

Matica’s proven technologies for government ID demonstrates its ability to offer sophisticated high-end products dedicated to high-security documents issuance for: national ID programs, drivers’ licenses, as well as high security ID cards for army, police applications and ID cards for ports and airport personnel. The demonstration area combines several personalization technologies, including the most recent laser solutions launched in 2015.

  • S5200LX, launched in 2015 is an industrial, high performance laser desktop solution for low to mid volume card production with single or multiple chip encoding.
  • Preview of LCP900e – a high performance color and laser personalization system based on Matica’s proven retransfer printer XID, aimed at issuing highly-secure ID cards targeted to service bureaus and card production centers with small to mid-production runs and a turnaround of multiple cards not only for national IDs but also vehicle registration, healthcare cards, university IDs and government agencies.

The solutions offer a wide range of direct-to-card and retransfer including printing, encoding and lamination technologies.

  • New generation of proprietary direct-to-card printers, Moca and Espresso, with high-speed printing capabilities – one of the fastest in its category.
  • XID8100 entry-level retransfer card printer and XID8600, a unique high-end card printer with 600dpi printing allowing embedding and sophisticated graphic security features in the layout.
  • Preview of Matica´s new XL8300 oversized card printer, an innovative retransfer printer for oversized XL cards in the market.

As Matica continued significant business developments and global projects in 2015, the company will present its newest innovations for central issuance revolutionizing throughput and quality with its S7000 central card issuance system. S7000 modules will demonstrate:

  • New multi-chip encoding between 4 and 12 parallel encoding stations (in partnership with Smartware).
  • New high-speed, high reliability magnetic encoding module
  • New vision and card verification modules.

In addition to the successful launch of products in 2015, Matica also announced its investment in a larger property in Turate, close to Lake Como and Milan Malpensa International Airport in Italy. The space provides room to develop in-house manufacturing for a handful of key products. It will also become a welcoming training academy for its global partners and provides testing and manufacturing for card samples, and performs technical benchmarks and product tests.

Internationally, Matica drew on its established successes and made significant in-roads in new territories and continued to secure major contracts with the assistance of its growing network of loyal partners. The ever-growing respect for Matica complements its comprehensive – and continually developing – product portfolio, which is why Matica is a worldwide leader in Corporate ID, Government ID and financial card personalization.

Availability of referenced products
Espresso and Moca Direct-to-Card printer, XID8100 and XID8600 Retransfer printer, S3500 Instant Issuance, LX laser modules and S7000 Central Issuance modules vision system and magnetic encoder are available now through Matica´s partner network. Matica S3100, S3200, S3400, XID9600e and LCP9000e will be available in 2016.


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