Matica launches S3200 printer for financial flat card issuance

News highlights

  • Cards produced by Matica’s new S3200 rival the best pre-printed cards on the market.
  • A dual-sided retransfer printer with 300 x 300 dpi and edge-to-edge printing.
  • Comes with Matica Security Pack – a comprehensive set of security features that makes it the most secure and versatile retransfer printer in instant issuance.

MUNICH, 25 May, 2016 – Matica Technologies AG (A0JELZ), worldwide leading vendor for financial and secure ID card issuance systems announces the launch of the S3200, a retransfer printer specializing in world-class print quality for the instant issuance of highly personalized flat financial cards.

“As more financial organizations – or indeed retail stores – bring financial issuance in-branch or into the office, we have responded to the market’s changing needs,” said Sandro Camilleri, CEO, Matica Technologies. “The launch of our S3200 printer is one of a new range of products that brings the latest design intelligence and innovation to the market.”

Banks, credit card companies, department stores, credit unions and other financial organizations will find the multi-functional S3200 a great asset as the demand for personalized financial cards continues to grow. Compact enough to remain subtle, quieter than any of its competition and enjoying a small carbon footprint, the S3200 remains a hard worker printing up to 100 cards per hour.

“It made sense to re-purpose Matica’s already established and trusted technology, so we deployed our XID8300 engine to the S3200. It is Mastercard© and Visa© compliant, produces vivid, beautiful print quality and it’s ready to issue personalized cards to customers straight out of the packaging,” said Davide Salvarani, Product Manager – Financial Instant Issuance, Matica Technologies.

Fit and secure for the financial sector

Capable of producing an EMV-compliant magnetic stripe, contact chip and contactless RFID cards, the S3200 also includes a Matica ‘security pack’ – a comprehensive set of security features that fulfill financial card personalization.

It also includes secure ribbon erase, which eliminates data from the printer’s ribbon after completing every card rendering it entirely illegible. This helps to lockdown personal information against prying eyes and makes the S3200 the most secure, versatile and reliable retransfer printer in instant issuance, supporting the sector’s needs for data protection.


S3200 is available now through Matica´s partner network.

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