Interview with Luca Picardi, Regional Director Europe at SDW2016

Security Document World has taken some time out to discuss industry trends with some of the companies that exhibited at SDW 2016. In this interview, SDW spoke with Luca Picardi, Regional Director Europe, Matica Technologies, the specialist in secure payments and secure ID issuance and personalisation.

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Luca Picardi, Regional Director Europe


Published in Security Document WorldMonday, 08 June 2016

What do you feel are the most important identity trends this year?

In terms of identity and security, cards have always had numerous security features such as laser engraving in personalisation. But we are seeing increasing demand for more and more security features, and these have to be more complex. Laser engraved variable data is a good example because each card is totally unique. There is also demand for very detailed, personalised hologram applications on the cards, and as always the trend is always to create ‘unforgeable’ cards. These trends are impacting the technology, particularly in the issuing of the cards – both on the cards and in the personalisation and issuing systems.

What approach does your company take to security solution development that sets you apart from competitors?

At Matica, we consider our approach different from our competitors in three main areas. First of all, product portfolio – we have a very broad range, and only one other company is comparable to us in terms of size. This portfolio ranges from smaller desktop instant issuing solutions to re-transfer, entry-level professional-level machines, then going to the laser and the big central systems.

Secondly, we can look at our R&D structure. At our Italian headquarters, we have 35 internal experts who are constantly working on new products and technology. This means that we are capable of developing products that can be controlled and released directly to market by Matica. A third factor is the expertise of our staff. At all levels, from HQ to around the world, all our employees are all from the card industry. They are exceptionally experienced in the various technologies, materials, machines and markets.

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