Matica adds heavy-duty card laser engraver to its desktop range

  • Unprecedented quality and power of laser engraving now available to government agencies.
  • Compact, light, scalable and up to 1600dpi high resolution for secure ID applications.
  • Capable of multiple card handling and achieves maximized throughput with parallel processing.


MUNICH, Germany, 16 November, 2016 – Matica Technologies AG, a worldwide leading vendor for financial and secure ID card issuance solutions announces its new standalone laser engraving system, the LES8000, which brings an industrial-style power to the desktop.

Security and protection remains high on all government agendas. Matica’s LES8000 laser engraving system supports government security professionals responsible for safeguarding national identity management.

Exceptionally high quality printing makes this laser engraver unbeatable. LES8000 starts with 400dpi printing but goes up to an impressive 1600dpi high resolution and generates crystal clear gray scale for ID pictures. LES8000 is compact, light (each module is less than 32kg) and scalable. Its single wire IP connectivity allows easy installation and operation.

For those needing to manage several types of card stock or uninterrupted production, Matica´s LES8000 laser engraver can be configured with up to 4 card feeders, increasing the capacity to 1,400 cards (4 x 350 cards). Its parallel card processing maximizes production throughput (encoding, engraving and laminating) and makes it one of the fastest solutions on the market and a persuasive return on investment.

Government agencies focusing on in-branch or in-bureau card issuance will benefit from the LES8000, whether they are issuing national ID cards, drivers’ licenses, visas, vehicle registration cards. The low power DPSS laser technology has been developed exclusively for high security government applications.

Optimized security features include a changeable or multiple laser image (CLI/MLI), tactile and non-tactile engraving, offset registration and MRZ reading.


“Completing the new generation of Matica lasers for 2016, the LES8000 will enjoy a prime place in the market considering its unprecedented desktop power. It now means that we have the widest configuration of laser solutions on the market,” says Sandro Camilleri, CEO, Matica Technologies Group.

“We are certain that the LES8000 will be favored by government agencies and service bureaus working on secure card issuance whether that’s by decentralized ways producing cards in offices or by centralization,” adds Frédéric d’Orsay, Vice President of Global Sales Secure ID. “I fully expect this exceptional system to support any country that places national security issues and protecting their citizens at the top of their government’s agenda.”



LES8000 is available now through Matica´s partner network.

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