Dual Feeder

Launch of ‘Dual Feeder’ creates new MDM module that issues two types of cards

Press Release

  • Designed and developed in consultation with banks and the financial industry
  • Offers a secure, easy-to use new feeder module
  • Thanks to its exception slot, Dual Feeder can also print up to three types of cards on the S3200 financial printer for credit and debit card issuance in 300dpi and 600dpi versions

Munich, Germany, Friday 20, October, 2017, – Matica Technologies has launched ‘Dual Feeder’– its latest technology to enhance the performance of the architecture behind Matica Desktop Modules (MDM) by supporting banks and financial institutions to issue more than one type of card.

The Dual Feeder is a new option that can be used in conjunction with the S3200 Series, (for in-branch issuance of flat credit and debit cards) and the XID8000 and XID9000e Series (for ID applications), which can handle two types of cards at the same time without manually changing the feeder. This provides a practical solution for changing business needs.

However, owing to the addition of an exception slot, the Dual Feeder is always available for slow runners, which accommodates the issuance of a third type of card if necessary. Composed of two removable cartridges, the technology ensures easy and reliable loading; each cartridge can load up to 100 cards (30 mil) providing a total input capacity of 200 cards.

Easy to operate and compact, the Dual Feeder offers an affordable and efficient way to increase the return on investment that the Matica Desktop Modules already offers the process that banks need to follow in order to issue debit, credit and pre-paid cards.

The optional IPSC (IP Secure Controller) offers a high-performance operation over Ethernet, featuring secure chip encoding over local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) with data encryption and data compression for network traffic optimization.

Security is tight, too. The new Dual Feeder includes the ‘Matica Financial Security Pack’ for physical and logical security – a comprehensive set of security features that fulfil financial card personalization requirements. Fully compliant with international regulations concerning physical and logical security for financial issuance, it can be relied upon to take care of businesses seeking to develop their own systems. The Matica Financial Security Pack includes internal electronic locks, and mechanical keyed locks on the front door to prevent unauthorized access to the card cartridges and internal reject tray.

“We pride ourselves on moving with the times and ensuring that our proposition clearly shows that we understand the changing needs of the industries in which we work. The new Dual Feeder module does just that by offering an extra level of flexibility to our existing MDM range of products and adding powerful features to the S3200 financial printer,” said Sandro Camilleri, CEO, Matica Technologies Group.


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