Feeder Encoding Module

Launch of ‘FEM’ module for MDM architecture sees increases in productivity levels

Press Release

  • Owing to its unique technology, the Feeder Encoding Module (FEM) raises levels of autonomy in card issuance..
  • The new FEM module comes with up to 3 integrated internal encoders automating parallel processing.
  • Thanks to its modularity the FEM can be combined with several types of desktop issuance technologies such as retransfer printers, laser engravers and desktop embossers.

Munich, Germany, Monday 13, November, 2017, – Matica Technologies has launched ‘FEM’, its Feeder Encoding Module, which is the very latest technology that’s part of the Matica Desktop Modules (MDM) architecture, enhancing the performance of the architecture behind this innovative concept. In this case, the FEM makes it possible to increase productivity during card issuance.

Perfect for service bureaus and system integrators, the FEM can be added to a pre-existing system up to four times. This means that the standard printer’s card input of 200 cards is increased to 350 cards and has the potential to be easily quadrupled so final input can stand at 1,400 cards – a dramatic industry increase for high volume needs.

While this may be found in central issuance systems, the FEM brings unprecedented parallelism capabilities in desktop card issuance, thanks to the new process where several cards can be encoded, printed and laminated at the same time, increasing throughput.

The FEM can be combined with a range of desktop issuance technologies such as retransfer printers, laser engravers and desktop embossers, so its modularity is another commercial grace. In keeping with good security practice, the addition of more than one FEM brings the possibility of printing several types of cards without operator intervention.

In terms of markets, the presence of electronics locks and physicals keys to access the card drawer and the internal card reject tray makes the FEM compliant with Visa and Mastecard which converts the FEM in a module to be added to Matica’s financial printers and desktop embossers for instant issuance of debit and credit cards while responds to the most demanding requirement in ID government projects.

For ID applications and particularly for services bureaus, a four FEM configuration brings an unprecedented level of autonomy and scalability.

“The FEM module is our latest innovation for the Matica Desktop Modules architecture and for the first time, it allows desktop card issuance systems to reach levels of productivity and autonomy that have never been seen before,” says Sandro Camilleri, Matica Group CEO. “We will present the FEM at Trustech 2017 as one of several systems in our exhibition, including financial instant issuance, and systems for service bureaus and desktop laser engraving issuance.”


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