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Matica Announces a New Card Printer Family and Channel Program Exclusive to Access Control System Manufacturers in North America.

Press Release 

September, 25, 2018, Greenville, United States of America – Matica Corp reveals a new PACS line of ID card printers, the PACS300 and PACS600, during the Security Conference & Expo at Global Security Exchange (GSX) in Las Vegas between 25-27 September.

This is the first ever card printer line-up and channel program designed exclusively for physical access control systems (PACS) manufacturers and their security integrator channels. It is built upon the highly popular and proven EDIsecure® XID line of retransfer printers. Furthermore, is perfectly developed, and exclusive to, physical access control system manufacturers in North America.

The PACS series of card printers includes 300dpi (PACS300) and 600dpi (PACS600) model retransfer printers with numerous features unique to the access control industry, including:

  • The first card printers to feature a five-year warranty on parts and depot labor.
  • The first card printers to include a hot swap program for the full warranty term.
  • The first to read and/or encode contactless cards over Ethernet.
  • First to feature consumables unique to the PACS markets and channel.

Recognizing that PACS manufacturers spend a considerable amount of time and effort in selecting and certifying hardware components compatible with their systems, Matica’s new card printer program helps PACS manufacturers to recoup more of their time and testing investment.

“Contactless cards have become the standard for access control in North America, and we believe our ability to read and encode such cards over Ethernet while printing them will open up new possibilities for leading access control system manufacturers” said Ed Cochran, General Manager, Americas, Matica Corp. “Our multi-national end-user customers often want to print from global or regional headquarters to card printers located in their other facilities around the world, and with this our new printer program and the right access control partner, they will be able to do it.”

“As a world leader in design and technology, we have responded to the most demanding and ambitious needs of the markets by transforming the way that contactless cards are read and/or encoded,” said Ricard Ferrer, VP Global Marketing and Product Management. “It is an unprecedented achievement.”

The five-year warranty and hot swap program provides PACS manufacturers and their security integrators and end-users with a hassle-free printer ownership program, supporting Matica’s claim to offer reliably high-performing card printers.


The PACS line of ID card printers is available now.

For more information about the PACS program and Matica’s new PACS300 and PACS600 card printers, contact or call 888-9-MATICA (Extension no: 2) to arrange a meeting and demonstration.

About Matica 

Matica is fast-growing and innovative global company with a strong international network. It develops, manufactures and markets solutions to issue ID cards, financial cards and passports for secure ID and payments applications. The company offers a comprehensive hardware and software product portfolio, from centralized systems and mailers to ID printers, laser desktop systems and instant issuance solutions.

Matica is worldwide represented with offices in Italy, Germany, France, Singapore, China, the USA, the UAE, and India. Matica Corp, located in Piedmont (SC) – Greenville is part of the Matica group international presence in Americas.