Matica launches updated financial desktop embosser and showcases the S5200LX at TRUSTECH 2018

  • Check out the S3300e – the updated financial desktop embosser for instant issuance.
  • Watch the market’s only industrial solution for card engraving with laser technology. The S5200LX for low volume issuance and special applications.

MUNICH, Germany, 16 November, 2018 – Matica Technologies AG announced its attendance at Trustech 2018, the largest global event for trust-based technologies. Matica will launch the new S3300e, which instantly embosses pre-printed cards at branch level. Plus, the company will showcase extraordinary laser technology – the market’s *only* industrial solution, the S5200LX, for card engraving in low volume issuance and special applications.

Matica will also present their comprehensive portfolio of financial instant issuance and secure ID card issuance at booth C-050 Riviera Rotunda, 27 – 29 November, The Palais des Festivals, Cannes.

Matica’s range of financial card issuance products is enhanced by the demonstration of Matica’s updated financial desktop embosser, the S3300e. Matica has listened to the changing demands of the banking sector and created a desktop embosser system, which is comparable to a mid or high-volume issuance embosser. Continuing to ensure a secure environment has remained a key driver behind the S3300e’s engineering.

Visitors to Trustech will also see Matica’s S5200LX desktop laser engraver. It will prompt significant interest considering the growing trend in card engraving for special applications with laser technology.

And what sort of special applications can the S5200LX issue?

  • Financial card programs with display and chip cards with embossing limitations
  • Metal-coated and composite PVC/metal cards for prestige financial schemes
  • Back office issuance or low volume ID cards
  • Driving licenses or car registration documents
  • Special series of SIM cards
  • Decentralized issuance debit or credit cards

Matica’s Global Sales Director, Luca Picardi is a guest speaker during TRUSTECH 2018, where he will first look at ‘innovation’ with reference to laser personalization for high security ID and financial cards, (29 November at 11:30 / Innovation Stage). And in his second talk, Luca will look at ‘new industry insights’, specifically: technology and legislation, exploring why the payment industry in emerging markets is experiencing a boom, and why central issuance solutions can unlock opportunities in those countries and markets, (28 November at 16:20 / Industry Insights Stage).

“Providing a thoughtfully produced, comprehensive service with an emphasis on changing security needs as the industries also change is integral to our design and engineering,” said Sandro Camilleri, CEO, Matica Technologies.

“Our long established relationships with partners, customers and the industries at large allow us an inside track into what needs to be developed to help them deliver on their challenges. Couple that with some of the best engineers in the world, and it’s perhaps no surprise that Matica remains in the top tier of experts in the secure card arena.”

Matica will present the following products at Trustech:


Demonstrating Matica’s latest advances in FII with one of the largest portfolios in the market, alongside its established presence in the government sector, the MDM concept and its modules bring an improved efficiency and productivity to card issuance.

  • The S3100 is an advanced desktop direct-to-card printer for financial flat card issuance, and creates exceptional support for financial departments producing high performance debit cards.
  • S3200HD DUO – financial retransfer card printer with the MDM ‘Dual Feeder’ module lets users handle two types of cards, such as Mastercard and VISA, at the same time, providing a compact and affordable solution. Composed of two removable cartridges, it ensures easy, reliable loading while an exception slot is available for slow runners allowing a third type of card to be issued if necessary.
  • The S3500 is a feature rich equipped standard embossing machine which can be upgraded at any time to follow any growing demand of the card application

Government ID solutions

Already leaders in the field, Matica’s proven portfolio for government ID contains technologically advanced products for high-security documents issuance. Used for: national ID programs, drivers’ licenses, high security ID cards for military, police and ID cards for ports and airport personnel.

  • LCP8000 + FEM – a high performance color and laser personalization system and again, part of the MDM concept. Can be combined with FEM to enhance productivity and flexibility creating a unique system for this market. Used to issue highly secure ID cards such as national IDs but also vehicle registration, healthcare cards and university IDs.
  • LES8000 – an advanced stand-alone system integrating the unprecedented power of an industrial quality laser engraver. And yet remains a compact (approximately 32 kg) desktop solution made for in-branch or in-bureau card issuance and constitutes a perfect fit for applications such as drivers’ licenses, national IDs, visas and vehicle registration cards.

SECURE Corporate ID card issuance

The portfolio provides a wide range of direct-to-card and retransfer printing technologies.

  • The popular Espresso II, a proprietary direct-to-card printer often used for membership, loyalty, transit, education and corporate ID applications.
  • XID8100 entry-level retransfer (300dpi) card printer and XID8600 (600dpi) retransfer printer with over-the-edge printing for durable and long lasting ID cards.
  • XID9300e – a resilient retransfer desktop printer for instant issuance of heavy-duty cycles. Perfect for service bureaus, offers 300 dpi high-performance card printing.
  • XID8600-premium quality micro printer, perfectly suited for the most demanding ID card programs.
  • XL8300 oversized card printer, an innovative retransfer printer for oversized XL cards in the market. Perfectly positioned for the event and conference management industries.

Availability of referenced products

The S3000e and S5200LX are available for immediate shipments through our network of authorized resellers and system integrators.




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