matica mc tour 2019

Matica Celebrates Launch of MC Tour 2019 Worldwide Partner Tour

MUNICH, Germany, 20 June, 2019 – Matica Technologies AG has kicked off the first event of its MC Tour 2019, a series of worldwide partner events to introduce the recently launched Series of MC products with product and sales presentations, workshops, networking and technical trainings.

The tour launched on 13 June with a three-day event when more than 65 partners from right across SE Asia headed to Phuket, Thailand to learn more about Matica’s latest product launches and to ask Matica’s many experts any question about any product from its massive portfolio of technology and consumable assets. There were also plenty of opportunities to network and enjoy good food, drink and conversation!

Among the newly revealed products were the MC660 product line, (the first product arising from Matica’s strategic alliance with Canon Finetech Nisca), and the MC-L, Matica’s third generation of desktop lasers.

As partners learned, the MC660 offers 600dpi high-resolution printing quality and given the number of encoders available it presents an excellent choice for high security ID applications in various markets including government, corporate and education.

Like us, partners were also excited by the boost this product brings to Matica’s consumables program: ChromXpert, which is also the industry’s most comprehensive program, having prompted new ribbons. The security ribbon YMCKSc, for example, brings additional visual security, making cards issued by the MC660 much more secure and tamper resistant.

It was rewarding to see that  the optional workshops to receive technical training on the new MC660 were fully attended.

Similarly, partners were pleased to get a sneak preview of the fiber laser MC-LX, the third generation desktop laser, brilliantly positioned for professionals working with access control, staff ID, official government documents such as national ID and driver licenses.

So, to all those partners who took part in the MC Tour in Phuket last week: please take a bow! We thoroughly enjoyed your company, questions and contribution and we were pleased to receive so many complements about the event in return, (thank you).

Matica’s MC Tour 2019 will continue with events in Qingdao, Chicago, Miami and Barcelona and expects to gather more than 500 business partners in total.