instant issuance program

About instant issuance for the US market

The other week, Paul Schwerdtfeger, who’s our Sales Director in the US, was asked to write about instant issuance for the US market where this process is still evolving as the EMV global standard is systematically rolled out across the country. Given his expertise, he decided to offer a checklist of things to consider when implementing instant issuance.

In the feature, which you can read by clicking the link below, he wrote:

“While financial institutions should take note of the various hardware and printing capabilities offered … the software is the secret sauce that makes the complete instant issuance program work. However, not all instant issuance software is created equal, which is why there are key questions that financial institutions should ask when determining which instant issuance program to implement.”


Click here to read the full feature – it will take between 3-5 minutes to finish.