sectech expo&seminars sweden november 2019

First Time Outing for Newly Revealed Laser Technology at SECTECH

Matica’s partner, Nexus will promote the newly launched LCP9660 Laser Colour Personalisation System at SECTECH  in Stockholmsmässan, Sweden between 19-20 November.

Focusing on security technologies, SECTECH is the meeting point for suppliers, installers, consultants and end user purchasing managers to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and experiences in the security sector.

It is the first time that the new LCP9660 Laser Colour Personalization Systems has been promoted in public. Allowing colour print, laser engraves and optional lamination in one-pass, it is the most comprehensive laser color personalization system in the industry.

This pioneering laser system is partly composed from the MC660 – a high resolution colour retransfer printing module – and connects to the MC-LX, Matica’s third generation desktop laser module, which has just recently being brought out of in-house research and development for first-time use.

It is also powered by fiber Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) technology laser source. And the new, and revolutionary, ‘scratch-free’ TRIPODE (patent-pending) transportation system in the MC-LX laser module allows cards to arrive at their destination having been protected against the risks of scratching.

The full color printing module can achieve visual and forensic features such as microtext and personalized information using ultraviolet inks or variable reflecting inks. Meanwhile, the laser engraver reinforces the levels of security by creating changeable laser images and multiple laser images (CLI/MLI), tactile effects, braille, MRZ, ghost image, Tru/Window Lock or Matica Secure Protected Image (MSPI®).

As an optional upgrade, the MC-L lamination module can also apply a clear or custom holographic foil, providing extra durability and protection for the card.

Delegates are welcomed to discuss this technology, or any other from the Matica portfolio, with the Nexus team on booth 03:58.

Click here to find out more about the information and free registration at SECTECH.

About Nexus

Swedish-owned Nexus Group is an innovative and rapidly growing identity and security company. Nexus is a leading provider of identity solutions for physical and digital access. Its product portfolio includes Nexus Smart ID and solutions for IoT security.