Matica Fintec admitted to trading on the AIM Italia market

  • The placement of 4.033.800 ordinary shares placed at a share price of Euro 1.71 per share
  • Start of trading November 11, 2019
  • Admission Document and the regulation of the ‘Matica Warrant 2019-2022’ published

MUNICH, Germany, November 15, 2019 – Matica Technologies AG announces that its Italian controlled company, Matica Fintec, has successfully finalized the Initial Public Offering on the AIM Italy market raising about Euro 7million including Greenshoe option, comprising a ratio of 43:57 where 43% is from foreign investors and 57% from Italian investors.

The admission to the listing took place following the placement of a total of 3.508.200 newly issued ordinary shares, resulting from a capital increase reserved for the market, and 525.600 existing shares owned by Matica Technologies AG, corresponding to approximately 15% of the number of shares subject to the capital increase, in order to exercise the over-allotment option granted to Integrae SIM S.p.A., as Global Coordinator.
The total value of the funds raised through the capital increase operation amounts to approximately Euro 6.0 million. Including also the shares deriving from the over-allotment option – for a total value of approximately Euro 0.90 million at the placement price – the total value is equal to approx. Euro 6.90 million. It is envisaged that in the 30 days following the start of trading, the Global Coordinator may exercise the Greenshoe option for a maximum of 525.600 shares.
The placement generated a total demand of more than 2.6 x the quantity offered received from leading Italian and foreign institutional, professional and retail investors.
The unit price of the shares resulting from the placement was set at Euro 1.71; on the basis of this price, a market capitalisation of approximately Euro 18 million is expected (Equity Value).
The free float of Matica Fintec after the listing will be 33.39% of the share capital (38.39% assuming the full exercise of the Greenshoe option).

Share Capital and Shareholders
The capital of Matica Fintec post capital increase is made up of a total of 10.508.200 ordinary shares with no par value as shown below:

Shareholder                                        no. of shares                                       %

Matica Technologies AG                  7.000.000                                          66,61%

Free Float                                            3.508.200                                          33,39%

Total                                                  10.508.200                                          100.0%

Matica Fintec is an innovative SME which operates in the design, production and marketing of highly technological solutions in a range of business sectors including finance and government. For instance, in the issuance of secure financial cards such as banks’ credit cards, debit cards and pre-payment cards, or in the issuance of more sensitive and highly secure ID cards, such as government-related ID cards, passports and driving licenses.

The commitment and efforts made on the research and development (R&D) front –with investments in R&D exceeding 10% of annual turnover– have enabled the Company to certify 9 patents and get the status of ‘Innovative SME’ with 95% of the turnover on sales abroad.

“The listing operation on the AIM Italia market is an integral part of our strategic planning for the growth of Matica Fintec,” said Sandro Camilleri, President of Matica Fintec and CEO of Matica Technologies AG.

“Recognized as a worldwide innovator for the design and manufacturing of highly technological smart card issuing systems, Matica Fintec is certified by most
prestigious international payment circuits. We are very pleased to have received a large consent from international financial community with a request that has surpassed our offer by quite some margin”.

“The collected funds will be dedicated to increasing our international presence in the e-ID and digital payment markets, with particular attention in those areas that highlight higher rates of growth.”, concluded Mr. Camilleri.


About Matica

Matica is a fast-growing and innovative global company, which develops, manufactures and markets a vast range of products in the secure ID, and payments industries.

Matica has a strong international network, operating globally providing local sales and services through its offices in Germany, Italy, India, Singapore, China, USA and the UAE. The company supports thousands of customers with its global network of certified resellers, value-added distributors and system integration partners.

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About Matica Fintec
Matica Fintec: MTF.IT

Matica Fintec is a global leader in the design, production and marketing of technological solutions for financial and governmental institutions. Its technologies make it possible to obtain the highest security standards for financial cards, identity cards, passports, driving licenses, access control cards and any other needs.
As an agile company, Matica Fintec provides a significant portfolio of secure ID solutions deployed in a broad number of sectors such as government, finance, aviation, transport and leisure – this includes technology that facilitates a large volume of cards (central issuance) as well as for more bespoke, niche numbers (instant issuance).

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