Matica and P.A.G Exhibits Technology At Yangon ICT Fair

Matica’s partner, P.A.G will demonstrate Matica solutions during the ICT Fair, being held 31 January to 2 February in Myanmar in the Tatmadaw Exhibition Hall.

The ICT Fair is organized by Yangon Computer Association, who will showcase the newest and most advanced ICT products.

P.A.G will be available to present a versatile selection of ID product solutions that fit well into a variety of markets. Visitors can expect to see:

  • MC310 Direct-to-Card Printer – Newly revealed in January – the robust Matica MC310 direct to-card printer offers superior print quality and a complete line of encoding, lamination and communication options. With notably fast output of over 180 cards per hour when printing single side and up to 850 cph when printing in monochrome. The MC310 is accompanied with a comprehensive ribbon program to cover all issuance needs in all vertical markets, including the new Matica YMCScKO ribbon to increase the number of visual security elements (VSE) on the card for security applications.
  • MC660 Retransfer Printer – 600dpi high resolution printing quality and available with all encoding options, the MC660 has the capacity to increase security levels by printing micro-text which, combined with UV ribbon and the new security ribbon (YMCKSc), increases the number of visual security elements on each card.
  • MC-L laminator – the ideal solution to maximize the durability and security of ID cards. Available in two versions: in-line, for connection to the Matica MC660 retransfer card printer, or as stand-alone. Both models are available in three different configurations: single-side lower cassette, single-side upper cassette and dual sided, for enhanced flexibility.
  • XID retransfer series – from basic entry level XID8100 (300dpi) to our premium 600dpi XID8600 printers, the XID retransfer printers (also known as reverse transfer) are capable of producing photographic quality images in high resolutions and vivid colors. The outstanding image quality, high security standards, micro print and adaptability make this model right for governmentcorporate or financial.

Admission is free. Visitors are welcome to visit us at booth G1.


About P.A.G

A company established in July 1998, P.A.G is a one stop printing centre that can provide all customers printing needs, from product design to the final print job. They supply ID projects and specialize in the production of ID card printing for various industry