S3300e emboss pre-printed credit card

Matica Fintec is proud to present the new features of S3300e financial instant issuance system at Intersec 2020

Galliate, Italy, 15 January, 2019 

The S3300e the most compact financial desktop embosser on the market that allows you to instantly issue embossed financial pre-printed cards at the branch level. The system’s security is optimized allowing banks and financial institutions to issue credit cards in a controlled and secure environment.

The easy-to-use financial embossing desktop system includes a 72-character drum for front-side embossing and rear indent. The tipper module, based on cassette consumable for easy operation, is available in four colors (white, black, gold and silver). In order to support EMV transition, every Matica S3300e embossing machine supports magnetic encoding as well as chip encoding, contact and/or contactless.

Following the great success of this compact Matica Instant Issuance System, and the growing demand in the market, we have developed new features which include:

  • 6 feeders to allow the user to choose from 6 individually loaded cartridges for a total of 600 cards. Each feeder has an electronic and key control lock as an added security feature
  • A wide range of secure connectivity, from the existing USB to the newly developed LAN with Single Wire Functionality (S3300e with on-board PC)
  • Real time cloud monitoring that allows the customer to monitor the production of all machines installed in real time

Matica will present the S3300e with the new features at Intersec 2020, which will take place in Dubai from 19th to 21st of January 2020.

About Matica Fintec
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Matica Fintec is a global leader in the design, production and marketing of technological solutions for financial and governmental institutions. Its technologies make it possible to obtain the highest security standards for financial cards, identity cards, passports, driving licenses, access control cards and any other needs.
As an agile company, Matica Fintec provides a significant portfolio of secure ID solutions deployed in a broad number of sectors such as government, finance, aviation, transport and leisure – this includes technology that facilitates a large volume of cards (central issuance) as well as for more bespoke, niche numbers (instant issuance).

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