Matica Launches New Solution for Debit and Credit Card Instant Issuance

  • Comprehensive and versatile in-branch issuance solution for the personalization of credit and debit card
  • Fully scalable, automatic multi-feeder system with optional three and six hoppers
  • Electronic and key control locks available to ensure secure access of card and consumables
  • Compact size and specifically designed to fit at branch

MUNICH, Germany, 16 September 2020 – Matica Fintec, a Matica Technologies company, announces today the launch of a new solution for the instant issuance of credit and debit cards. The latest addition to the S3000 family of financial instant issuance solutions is the new Matica S3600 a state-of-the-art desktop system to issue high-quality embossed payment cards instantly. Based on in-house solid and tested technologies, such as direct-to-card printing, embossing, and encoding modules, the S3600 is the result of decades of experience in developing financial card personalization technologies.

Manufactured in-house at Matica’s production plant in Galliate (NO), Italy, the new S3600 features multi-feeding with the option of three or six hoppers of 100 cards each. It is also equipped with built-in electronic and manual locks as standard configuration, a security feature for the inhibition of unauthorized access to cards and consumables complying with Visa® and Mastercard® security requirements and meeting PCI-DSS data security standards.

Its compact size and the additional front manual feeder and eject, along with the card retraction feature which secures card deliver, makes the S3600 the ideal solution to fit smoothly in multiple self-service kiosk designs.

The S3600 combines full-color direct-to-card printing, embossing and indenting personalization with a production speed of not exceeding 80 seconds per card for the full cycle of magnetic encoding, printing, embossing and tipping. The Matica S3600 supports a wide range of secure connectivity via USB, LAN with “single wire” functionality (Smart Class Controller) or embedded PC and real-time cloud monitoring system that allows the user to monitor the production of all systems installed.

“Every research report about our industry emphasizes continued growth in secure card issuance and that debit and credit cards remain the preferred non-cash payment tool in the world, especially after the pandemic.” said Sandro Camilleri, CEO, Matica Technologies.

“The technology and design invested into Matica products carefully respond to the financial industry’s evolving requirements and this is evident in the new S3600 instant issuance. It offers such an advanced combination of core technologies that it can cater to different customers’ needs,” said Ricard Ferrer, VP Global Marketing and Product Management, Matica Technologies.


Matica S3600 is now available for sales through its global partner network. For more information please contact our sales at

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