SDW2020 - Secure Identity Week London

Matica Participates Identity Week 2020 (Virtual Edition) 16-18 November 2020

Matica is excited to announce its participation at Identity Week 2020 between 16-18 November.

Identity Week is a world-class event that aims to help governments and commercial organizations with a multitude of identity solutions. Instead of an actual experience of tradeshow, this year the Identity Week will be held virtually, LIVE at 09:00 GMT which will enable an unlimited global reach to the world’s leading identity players.

With the virtual conferences and exhibitions held over two days, Identity Week will provide a world-class showcase for technology innovators, industry disruptors, and solution providers. The online event is offering a virtual meeting point with an Asian-focus for anyone involved in authenticating human identity, whether via a secure credential, biometric, or digital identity solution.

We want to give you a preferred seat at this event and offer a VIP Pass to you. Please follow the link below to request your VIP Pass:

VIP Guest application form


As an industry provider of government solutions, Matica will feature a bunch of technology for the highly secure ID market including:

  • MC310 Direct-to-Card Printer – Reliable and easy-to-use, the MC310 offers a superior 300dpi print quality, with a notably fast output of up to 225 cph. Wide range of encoders and lock options available to maximize its functionality for specific market requirements.
  • LCP9660 Laser Colour Personalization Systems – The combination 600dpi color retransfer printing, MC-LX Laser Engraver, and optional MC-L lamination in one pass. Features to achieve high levels of visual security elements such as Matica Secure Protected Image™ (MSPI)
  • MC660 Retransfer Printer – 600dpi high-resolution printing quality and available with all encoders options. The built-in EDIsecureTM driver and SDK architecture structure is easy to operate and expand. It prints micro-text which, combined with UV ribbon and the new security ribbon (YMCKSc), increases the number of visual security elements (VSE) on each card. A superb choice for government sectors.
  • MC-L laminatorFlexible single / dual side lamination station compatible with the full MC Series of Printers. MC-L effectively works with patch and continuous laminates, clear or with holograms from standard or custom design.
  • XID retransfer series– from basic entry-level XID8100 (300dpi) to our premium 600dpi XID8600 printers, the XID retransfer printers (also known as reverse transfer) are capable of producing photographic quality images in high resolutions and vivid colours. The outstanding image quality, high-security standards, microprint and adaptability make this model right for highly secure ID requirements
  • ILM– Single and dual-sided lamination modules that can be seamlessly combined with XID Series Retransfer Printer to create tamper-resistant cards with an extra level of counterfeit protection. Working in standalone or inline mode.
  • P101i – High secure inkjet printer for machine-readable travel documents dedicated to ePassport and Visa issuance. Able to print invisible UV colors and visible colors simultaneously. Optional RFID reader and writer features will read and write data to an RFID chip.

Delegates are welcome to discuss solutions with the Matica team. See you there!