Matica supports Banks’ Green Transition

Many important banks globally are reinforcing their commitment to the green economy with sustainable and responsible banking.

These institutes are aware that it takes a global approach in which they must choose the right technology, process, and product. The material of the card body is one of the aspects that have the biggest impact on the environment, therefore banks are embracing the green choice of issuing more and more eco-friendly cards made of sustainable materials, such as recycled PVC (R-PVC) or a corn-based polylactic (PLA). Polylactic acid (PLA) is a sustainable plastic substitute made with renewable bio-sourced resources such as corn (the non-edible part). It is non-petroleum-based and non-toxic if incinerated. This material, similar in performance to PVC, is biodegradable and compostable.

The objective of responsible banking is to have in few years’ time most financial cards in eco-friendly materials which require less energy to produce than traditional plastic cards. The bank’s adoption of eco cards will save thousands of tons of CO2 every year and reduce the use of plastic drastically.

Using cards made with recycled material could be already an improvement, at least accounting for a 25% saving in CO2 emissions but different plastics such as PLA and PEC that can bring down the carbon footprint easily by 70% of the process and by up to 90%.

Matica promotes eco-friendly card body material at every stage, from product conception to re-engineering. Matica truly believes in the bank green transition, we support banks who decide to meet the growing awareness of the ecological impact to implement environmentally friendly practices. As a matter of fact, we make sure that all new solutions are created to work with green material such as PLA and R-PVC; from R&D phase we set it as a spec that such eco-friendly material are providing the same personalization quality.


About Matica

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