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Managing accreditation at ATP European Open 2017

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Global tennis platform ‘TENNIUM’ is a business that works closely with players, global brands and investors in the build out of the sport. The platform’s focused, knowledgeable approach makes way for an in-depth appreciation of how the sport best operates, which also works hand-in-hand with its commitment to stakeholders.

Currently, TENNIUM owns the European Open ATP250 in Antwerp, the Argentina Open ATP250 and the Senior Masters Cup.

TENNIUM’s vision is to become a force in global tennis by building a working synergy between various business lines, integrating them under one platform and bringing together different parts of the sport. Other activities involve collaborations with players, academies and brand management.

Based in Barcelona, it brings together extensive experience in tennis combined with expertise in global business, including consumer marketing and brand building, mergers and acquisitions and investment management, and international high growth management.

The European Open is an official tournament on the ATP World Tour 250 series. At the second edition in October
2017 in Antwerp’s Lotto Arena, eventDATA-services provided management systems for accreditation for a second time.


The European Open is an offcial tournament on the ATP World Tour. As a 250-level event, the winner receives 250 points in the Emirates ATP rankings. However, since the 1980s and 1990s when Antwerp hosted this legendary event, little was done to develop a good practice around secure accreditation.

In 2016, after delivering cloud-based technology to other ATP and WTA events in Kitzbühel and Vienna, Stuttgart and Santa Ponsa, the tournament promoter, TENNIUM, entered into a three-year agreement with eventDATA-services.

In the first year, collecting information, building a database and registering media, staff and suppliers through an online platform that connects directly to a CRM database was the key priority. By 2017, the event organizer, Golazo Consulting, could make use of the new version of eventDATA’s core product, eventACCREDIT.

The software has been developed with Microsoft’s cloud-based CRM platform Dynamics 365.

“Although Microsoft only launched this product two months ago, we were able to implement our extended version very quickly thanks to our experience of working with earlier versions of the software,” says Thomas Wiedner, CEO of eventDATA-services Austria.

Since the official launch in 2017, a range of events have enjoyed using eventACCREDIT including music festivals, motorsport events and corporate customers. Following the Davis Cup in Austria, the European Open was the second tennis event to experience the new look and feel of the advanced usability of the cloud-based solution.

“Our application manages more than 60 roles – from anti-doping to umpires – and we are managing more than 1,100 people for accreditation. Each applicant ran through a detailed approval process, during which automated status notifications were sent via email,” adds Armin Hessenberger, Chief Operating Officer and Project Manager, eventDATA-services.

As the building’s design and architecture included a high number of entrances rendering it impossible to control all areas electronically, ten zones had to be checked visually. As such, TENNIUM used oversized PVC badges, which were personalized in full color on-site.

  • Matica’s XL8300 printer
  • eventACCREDIT Accreditation Management Software
  • eventPORTAL Online Registration Portal for Media
  • Accreditation Oversized Cards 124 x 85.60mm

Scale of credentials produced

  • 3,000 in each annual event (2016 and 2017)

TENNIUM made use of Matica Technologies’ accreditation solution that prints XL-format cards swiftly and with a high-quality finish.

XL-format cards allowed security staff to quickly identify the cardholders following the registration and pick-up, when physical photo IDs were also checked.

“Thanks to the user-friendly software and a database with accreditations provided by eventDATA, we saved a lot of time and unnecessary work. This ensured that we were able to handle the accreditations smoothly and eficiently during an exceptionally busy tournament week when the demands placed upon event companies are always very high,” says Laurens de Greef, Project coordinator, Golazo Consulting, the event organizer local agency.

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