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Tales from a tech: Matica´s partner to support Cerritos College

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“Sometimes it can feel like your card printer has a mind of its own.”


Stay calm. Everyone who has ever operated a card printer has had a mind numbingly printer issue at some point. When Cerritos College in California, USA had two XID8300 printers down during the start of their 2016-17 registration period, they knew they were in trouble.

More times than not, ID card printers are operated by more than one person and not everyone gets training. Even after people are told how to use your printer, there can be little issues that cause big headaches. Our partner CI Solutions mentions in their Tales from a tech blog, that the XID8300 retransfer card printer is a great ID card printer and generally issues have to do with components outside of the actual printer.




“One of the college’s printers was jamming cards and the other wasn’t recognizing the printer ribbon”. They were getting started with registration and needed to have their printers up and running immediately.”

Jayce P., CI Solutions


Printer 1 (not recognizing ribbon) – This ended up being a simple fix. The ribbon needed to be swapped out and inserted correctly. Jayce was able to explain over the phone how the little diagrams on the cartridges show how to properly insert the ribbon. Once properly inserted the printer was back up and running in minutes.

Printer 2 (card jam) – This issue was a little more complicated. The printer was having an error feeding cards from the input tray. Jayce instructed Cerritos College to check the card size gauge on the tray and to fan or flip through the stack of cards multiple times to break up the static on the cards. The issue was resolved and the printer stopped jamming.

Read more on their website and find out how CI Solutions technician worked his magic and helped Cerritos College to avoid down-time during their 2016-17 registration period.


Site note:

Cerritos College

Students come from more than 30 California cities, with 60% of the students coming from cities outside the college district, bypassing other community colleges to attend Cerritos. Cerritos College ranked third in California and sixth in the nation among Hispanic-serving community colleges for the number of associate degrees granted to Hispanic students in 2006.