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Digital Delivery – The Bank Branch Transformed

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Joined–up Services in the Digitally Transformed Bank Branch


Banking is undergoing a process of ‘digital transformation’ where many processes – often transactional – are being fully automated. Almost 70% of customers – both older and younger – want to retain branch services. But they also want branch services to be connected to their online activity.

Published in December 2016, our research shows that a majority of respondents in – of all ages – want access to bank branch services, but they expect digital transformation to deliver new levels of automation, co-ordination between online and in-branch queries, and improved support for in-branch advisors.

Instant secure card issuance in the bank branch is a top feature that consumers in UK, France, Germany and Spain want from the digitally transformed bank branch, coming second only to customer service that seamlessly joins up online and in-branch queries.

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Across Europe, the physical presence of high street banks
has already undergone radical change compared to 10 years
ago. This is true across Europe whether countries have highly
centralised banking groups, (e.g. the UK) or strong local/
regional networks, (e.g. France, Germany, Italy, Spain).

Basic transactions – for consumers at least – are mainly delivered
through machines, whereas peripatetic banking staff use the
branch as a meeting place for face-to-face client interactions
to discuss bank products such as mortgages, loans, savings and


Consumers nominated their four most important customer benefits that arise from digital transformation and which influence their choice of bank:

  • Joined-up customer service – where the customer can manage issues online, and then pick up the request face-to-face in the branch.
  • Collecting, renewing or replacing bank cards in the branch itself.
  • Access to the customer’s full profile so bank advisors can see customer details, including online activity, to deliver relevant advice and decisions.
  • Personalised product information available online so the customer can interactively research and browse bank products.

“A fundamental link is now being created between the online service and the branch service, so that customers can move seamlessly between the online and offline environments. ”


This research gives European banks valuable insight into the services that their customers value most.

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