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A research note on the priority services that citizens want delivered through a smart city smartcard


One card, many services – the ideal smart city

A research (published November 2016) commissioned by Matica Technologies across the UK, Germany, France and Spain, has identified the top four services that people most want delivered through a single smartcard in their smart city.

One key feature of digitisation is to link the online world of the city with its physical reality. Many citizen services are delivered through physical locations and physical facilities. Increasingly frequently, managing citizens’ access to services (and, indeed, the policing of citizens’ allowances and rights) is enabled through the secure key of a smart card.  Plenty of examples already exist across Europe.

It is very revealing to see that the top four smartcard-accessed services reflect a mix of different public agencies – identity validation, access to concessions, transport and health & social services. This mix really underlines that while different parts of government deliver different services, that’s not how we as citizens view things. We want one point of access for all services – a citizen-centric view of the world.

Matica Technologies Research Summary

  • Six in every 10 citizens in all four countries feel it is essential that their city creates a single city smartcard
  • Top priorities for public services delivered through the smartcard are: identity validation; concessions; transport; health & social services
  • 15 public services were identified by more than 60% of citizens as ‘very useful’ ‘extremely useful’ or ‘crucial’ for delivery through a smart city smartcard
  • Citizens value access to multiple public services through a single smartcard, regardless of the government department or authority in charge of delivering those services. People want a citizen-centric system

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