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Vietcombank Invests in Matica for High Performance Card Personalization

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Owning the largest ATM network in Vietnam and a prestigious history and reputation in trade finance, international payments and foreign exchange, Vietcombank is the oldest bank in the country. It has more than 400 branches (including overseas) and it has developed an autobank system with over 2,100 ATMs and more than 49,000 points of sale nationwide. Vietcombank works with a network of 1,800 associate banks from 155 countries.

Matica Technologies’ partner

FPT Information System (FPT IS) is the leading system integrator and solution provider in the ASEAN region. Demonstrating technical capabilities attested to by customers and partners worldwide, FPT IS offer solutions and services for key economic sectors of Vietnam, including: Software & Solutions for Banking – Finance, Public Sector, Public Finance, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Enterprise; System Integration and IT services. They are home to more than 3,200 employees, 2,500 of whom are highly qualified engineers with a thorough understanding of our clients industries and in-depth domain specific knowledge. In 2014, the company’s revenue was 206 million USD. For further information:


To increase productivity and efficiency of card issuance with an emphasis on high volume personalization and high-speed graphic printing by identifying a cost-effective and reliable system, which also fulfills future needs of laser engraving. Important caveat: the new system must integrate into the existing workflow (with two embossing systems already in place) and include inline mailing.


Matica S7000 platform with Inline MS7010

  • Magstripe
  • Dual multichip contact
  • Dual multichip contactless
  • High speed sequential printing
  • Laser marking / engraving (DPSS)
  • Vacuum air filtering system
  • Embossing (four drums)
  • Front and rear indenting
  • Dual tipper
  • Mailing (folding and inserter) with DS100


Modernising secure and personalized card issuance

Being Vietnam’s oldest bank and known for supporting the country’s evolving economy for more than 50 years, Vietcombank sustains its poll position as one of the country’s most innovative financial solution provider, which has put modernisation at the heart of everything it does. It has added online and SMS banking, forex trading and derivatives services to its already established portfolio of traditional financial services. Vietcombank has issued various financial cards – including in-house debit and credit cards – for more than 20 years. The bank also incorporates both the MasterCard® and Visa® One Time Password (OTP) verification process on customers’ mobile devices. Their own card issuance also includes personalized credit and debit cards for banks and building societies to prepaid, transit and ID cards for a range of industry sectors throughout Europe and the rest of the world. The process is carried out entirely in-house – from design through to distribution.


Implementing Matica Technologies’ card personalization

Working closely with the bank’s senior management team to understand the bank’s objectives in the short and long terms, FPT IS offered a solution to meet their expectations around security, productivity, profit margins, future growth and ease of use. Already in place was an NBS Advantage Series II Desktop Embosser, Datacard DC9000, so it was considered that Matica’s S7000 coupled with the inline MS7010 was a perfect fit to integrate into the existing personalization workflows. The design of the hardware and control software allows the S7000 to be added to virtually any existing production environment. Coupled with conversion tools, the MaticardPro software can manage and produce jobs alongside other machines, and can switch quickly between smaller batches.


Key success factors
  • Design of the hardware and control software allows to be added to virtually any existing production environment
  • System utilizes various credit/debit or prepaid cards with personalized and unique card designs
  • Modular system fulfills future needs of laser engraving
  • Increased productivity with a system capable to produce high volume personalization, high-speed graphic printing and inline mailing.
Banking on measurable results

“Most companies in the world need to justify well-spent budgets with understandable returns on investment and Vietcombank was a large-scale project that required value for money without risking technological advances and that’s what Matica delivered,” said Sandro Camilleri, CEO of Matica Technolgies.

After a swift migration and hands-on training for Vietcombank employees, the Matica S7000 and Inline MS7010 proved to be a good investment. The system’s productivity was improved progressively without compromising security options and it also supported the critical need to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

“We are happy to introduce Matica products to one of the biggest banks in Vietnam. Implementing the Matica S7000 system into the workflow is really paying off. The system meets customer’s stringent requirements for print personalization quality, reliability and security” adds Mr. Dang Duc Kinh, Deputy Director, FPT Information System for Banking & Finance Sevices Company Ltd (FPT IS Bank).


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