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Working together to deliver only the best solutions

The Matica Technologies Group is dedicated to providing only the best products and services to customers seeking dependable and flexible solutions that excel under the most demanding card issuance requirements.

Matica Technologies

Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, the Matica Technologies Group is a fast-growing and innovative global company with a strong international network. The company designs, develops and manufactures card-issuance systems, offering a vast range of products, from centralized systems and mailers to desktop ID card printers for Identification and Financial applications such as national ID, driving licenses, secure corporate ID cards, passports, credit and debit cards, access control cards, healthcare cards and transportation cards among others, covering all markets such as financial, government, healthcare, corporate, education, transport, telecommunication and retail.

Matica provides all personalization technologies: color and monochrome direct-to-card and retransfer printing, high-quality laser engraving, embossing/indenting with tipping/infiller, ink-jet, lamination and integrates all encoding technologies such as magnetic stripe, contact and contactless cards and dual interface cards.

Matica solutions provide a huge number of security options such as color photo ID with MSPI®(Matica Secure Protected Image), microtext, high-secure holographic overlaminates, laser-engraved personal data, printed or laser-engraved ghost image, tactile laser effect, changeable or multiple laser image (CLI/MLI), and MZR among others.

Quality is also one of Matica’s focus and most of the systems support barcode reading, OCR, data consistency check, OCR, offset registration and card stock verification to ensure not only the highest throughput but the best quality.

Matica Desktop Modules architecture brings the flexibility and modularity that Matica offers in the Central Issuance systems to the desktop systems and it is designed to meet the most demanding demands from many applications in various markets.

The Matica Technologies Group operates around the world through its offices in Switzerland (HQ), Italy, Spain, India, Malaysia, China the USA and the UAE, and supports its thousands of customers with its global network of Certified Resellers, Value Added Distributors and Integration Partners under the M·Connect Partner Program.

Matica Fintec S.p.A.

Located in Galliate (Novara) Italy, in the Piemonte region, Matica Fintec is a fast growing innovative SME listed on the Euronext Growth Milan since November 2019 that offers a complete product portfolio, from Central Issuance systems, mailers, Financial Instant Issuance solutions to ID card printers. Matica-Fintec develops, manufactures and markets solutions to issue credit and debit cards, national ID, passports, healthcare cards and so on, covering all vertical markets.


HISTORY     A History of Innovation and Advancement in Card Issuance

Matica is a leading worldwide company that designs, manufactures and markets card personalization, card mailing systems and ID card printers with an extensive product portfolio that includes innovative central and instant issuance solutions for Financial, Government, Healthcare, Corporate, Education, Transport, Telecommunication, and Retail applications, such as passports, driving licences, or access control cards.

Established in Milan in 1992, Matica System produced metal plate embossers. In 2002, it was acquired by Sandro Camilleri, who started an extensive research and development program to develop advanced card issuance systems for broader card applications with improved production processes.

In 2007, Matica had enhanced its core technology by purchasing the business branches of the Austrian company Digicard and the Italian company Fractalos Card Lab, both specializied in high volume card issuance systems.

In July of 2011, Matica became the majority shareholder of the German Digital Identification Solutions AG (DISO), a global provider of advanced identification solutions, specialized in secure government and corporate applications for ID cards, passports and visas under its EDIsecure® brand.

In July 2013, DISO changed its name to Matica Technologies AG and started a global reorganization program to become a fully integrated company. In December 2015 Matica System S.p.A. was merged into Matica Technologies AG and is now operating as the factory of the Matica Group.

Matica operates around the world through its offices in Switzerland (HQ), Italy, Spain, India, Malaysia, China, the USA, the UAE and supports its thousands of customers with its global network of Certified Resellers, Value Added Distributors and Integration Partners.