Retransferdrucker (MC Line)

The new generation of ID card printers for secure applications


Superior performance and independence

Speed and full security: the MC Series has been conceived to step up the current portfolio a notch to deliver new innovative modules with an even higher performance, modern design and superb security. The security ribbons and security options linked to the modules were designed after consulting various organizations about their evolving output requirements, which influenced the R&D behind the new range of models and consumables.

Retransfer printers, laminators and consumables that innovate the market

Retransfer printers apply color to a transparent film that is thermally bonded to the card. The new MC660 is not only faster in doing this, but it is more independent than current products on the market. It is perfectly suited to ensure a higher performance with a high-quality output and boosted by security features that bring more protection to the card and to the entire process of card issuance. The ‘short-edge’ path makes the MC modules more compatible with third party modules and components for easy integration.

Matica EDIsecure™ MC Series goes further with options to add more security

The MC Series modules offer card issuance with high resolution and vibrant colors, and further delivers the security you need to ensure protection against fraud and card tampering. With the optional laminator, secure films or patches are added to the surface of ID cards to protect the vibrant colors of the cards over time, and also add visual security features such as standard or customized holograms. The MC-L is the only laminator unit in the desktop card issuance world with the options to access autonomous operation and to add more security to the issuance process.

Security is provided by the hardware and the consumables. Matica’s chromXpert brand of genuine consumables minimizes the risk of printed information being tampered or stolen. New security ribbons are also available with the MC-Line (YMCKUv and YMCKSc), which provides extra protection against manipulation and forgery.  In times of uncertainty and data theft, the objects responsible for carrying and transferring information should contain the necessary security features to ensure all levels of data protection. These security concerns are no longer restricted to  government agencies since the business and corporate worlds are just as fastidious about data protection.

The Matica EDIsecure™ MC series includes options for access cardsnational IDs, employee IDsdriver licensestransit passes and university cards, with the broadest range of smart card encoding, printing and lamination modules in the world for desktop solutions.





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