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COVID-19 – How Instant Issuance Can Help

We know that this turbulent environment with COVID-19 is impacting us all — including social distancing and business operations changing. It is highly important to help navigate this with consumers to ensure that we are all doing our part for preventative measures to keep our communities safe, while continuing to meet the expectations that consumers are used to in this modern day.

One way to do this is by utilizing instant issuance of payment cards at drive-thru services at financial institutions.  Instant issuance allows banks and credit unions to continue to issue payment cards on-demand and serve cardholders so that they can keep service levels high and meet the needs of consumers.

Learn more about how Matica’s instant issuance solution – including financial hardware and Cards on the Spot™ software – can be configured so that cardholders can receive an instantly issued card through the drive-thru services at financial institutions and not require a PIN to be entered at the time of issuance.

Be there for your customers and members and offer a service that continues to meet their expectations. Instant issuance can do just that, and Matica can help assist you in serving your cardholders and our communities. To learn more about Matica’s instant issuance solution, click here