Matica Presents The Most Comprehensive Card Issuance Solutions at Live Webinar

A Live Webinar topic – MC Retransfer Printer Series: The Comprehensive of Card Issuance Solutions will be carried out tomorrow (28 April) by Matica at 3:00pm (GMT+8).

As technology advances, identification cards are now being used in a variety of ways to help border and organization in tighten security, to prevent unwanted access, enhance a company integrity and streamline the operations process. A proof of identification become a fundamental facility in states, countries and even organizations. An identity documentation – national ID, passport making, citizenship card, employee ID making a quick and simplify a personal identification.

Identification (ID) cards have become an essential component of facility in this era, and so playing a crucial part of the business world. Therefore, Matica is motivated to form this webinar, in order to unleash more opportunities together with business maker.

The webinar focuses on the ultimate version MC Series product review: The Comprehensive Card Issuance Solutions. Delegates will experience on how Matica’s solutions applicable for various markets requirements and the technology results that can be achieved.

  • Get to know the entire MC Series product roadmap
  • How Matica positioning in card issuance industry
  • The versatility of MC solutions that adopted for various market application
  • Get to know the new security technology & products

Three professional panelists of Matica – Andrew Reeves (Sales Director), Aurora Monfil (Director of Product Management) and Jaime Sousa (Head of Technical Support) are proudly invited to share their insights.

45-minutes panel followed by discussions on Q&A asked by participants through chat box. All organizations are welcome to join us.

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