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Managing accreditation at ATP European Open 2017

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Global tennis platform ‘TENNIUM’ is a business that works closely with players, global brands and investors in the build out of the sport. The platform’s focused, knowledgeable approach makes way for an in-depth appreciation of how the sport best operates, which also works hand-in-hand with its commitment to stakeholders. Currently, TENNIUM owns the European Open ATP250 in Antwerp, the Argentina Open ATP250 and the Senior Masters Cup. TENNIUM’s vision is to become a force in... Read more
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Supporting the Porsche European Golf Open with Secure ID cards

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Founded in 2004 by a former member of the Swiss National Ski Team, 4SPORTS and Entertainment AG is one of the world’s leading sports marketing agencies and event management companies. Headquartered in Switzerland, 4SPORTS has a respected reputation for managing large-scale, high value sports events including the most prestigious title of the European golf tour, the European Golf Open, sponsored by Porsche. It has a total prize money of €2million and will be hosted by a new location: the... Read more
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Matica Helps to Provide a New Wave of Visa Contactless Payments For Bank of Cyprus

@ Mellon (Cyprus) Ltd - Mellon (Cyprus) Ltd
The Bank of Cyprus is the biggest in the country and employs 4,279 staff worldwide, (4,000 in Cyprus). There are 130 branches / business offices; 125 of these operate in Cyprus. Read more
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Matica Retransfer Printers used by U.S. Federally Recognized Tribe in Alaska

Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (CCTHITA) is a federally recognized tribe. There are over 30,000 enrolled tribal citizens eligible to receive a citizenship identification (ID) card. When Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (Central Council) approached their vendor, Secure iD LLC, they had a number of functions the card needed to perform. The Tribe’s Program Compliance department’s primary duty is to identify their tribal citizens.... Read more
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Digital Delivery - The Bank Branch Transformed

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  Banking is undergoing a process of ‘digital transformation’ where many processes – often transactional – are being fully automated. Almost 70% of customers – both older and younger – want to retain branch services. But they also want branch services to be connected to their online activity. Published in December 2016, our research shows that a majority of respondents in – of all ages – want access to bank branch services, but they expect digital transformation to... Read more
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Smart City; Smart Card; Smart Delivery

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  A research (published November 2016) commissioned by Matica Technologies across the UK, Germany, France and Spain, has identified the top four services that people most want delivered through a single smartcard in their smart city. One key feature of digitisation is to link the online world of the city with its physical reality. Many citizen services are delivered through physical locations and physical facilities. Increasingly frequently, managing citizens’ access to services (and,... Read more