Heavy duty flexibility for a wider variety of metal plate applications

Aplicaciones especiales

Based on the established and reliable C410 platform, the Matica C430 has been engineered for heavy duty, continuous production. It is a robust system, designed to emboss plates even in the harshest environments and can handle a wide range of sizes, materials, shapes and thicknesses.

This updated version features new, state-of-the-art electronics for an enhanced performance which keeps motors cool and guarantees 24hr operativity and a long lifetime for the system.

In addition to USB, a new LAN interface enables users to diagnose, configure and update the machine remotely.

The Matica C430 includes a heavy duty embossing mechanism with a powerful high torque motor, high percussion embossing arm, hardened drum and fonts for the toughest jobs. The C430 is designed for high quality personalization of plates across various materials and thicknesses, including steel, iron, aluminium and bronze.

Principales puntos fuertes

  • Compact desktop design easily fits anywhere
  • Cost effective with low maintenance
  • Fast and reliable continuous feed operation
  • Robust mechanics and durable metal casing
  • Two removable hoppers: one for dog tags and one for medical red alert tags
  • Versatile for numerous metal plate applications

Especificaciones técnicas

Personalización de la tarjeta

Up to 200 plates/hour


Placas de metal


Ethernet, RS-232


Dimensiones de la impresora (L x A x Al)
910 x 600 x 420 mm (358 x 236 x 165''); 70kg
Se utiliza a menudo en los mercados...

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