Cards On The Spot (COTS)

Offer your members the convenience of instantly issued Debit, Credit, and ATM cards in your branches

Emisión instantánea

Instantly issue debit, credit and ATM cards directly in your branches.  Instant issuance provides increased revenue, lower costs, and satisfied cardholders.

Cards On The Spot is a browser-based instant issuance solution deeply integrated with your core and transaction processing networks.  Creating instant issue cards has never been so effortless.  Visa and Mastercard, credit, debit, and ATM cards are instantly issued and instantly active in as little as three clicks.

Cards On The Spot instant issue is:

  • Effortless: Deep integration streamlines production and activation
  • Easy to deploy: Browser-based – no client software required
  • Secure & reliable: Deployed in the safety of your secure network
  • Compliant: PCI, EMV, Visa and Mastercard

The Cards On The Spot instant issue solution provides:

  • Spectacular card quality: High-definition, over-the-edge, flat-card printing or embossing
  • Economical card durability: Solutions to match your issuance term
  • Practical licensing: Perpetual-use branch licensing – unlimited users per branch, no cost per card, no annual license fee

The Cards On The Spot instant issue solution includes:

  • Cardholder selected PIN and rePIN
  • EMV & Magnetic stripe encoding
  • Unlimited card designs
  • Role-based security
  • History and audit trails
  • Detailed reports
  • Software-managed dual control
  • Inventory management with alerts
  • Inventory transfer and tracking

Instant issuance can be broken down into several key aspects: Ease of use; ease of deployment; security; reliability; card presentation, and card durability.  Cards On The Spot pays close attention to and excels in each of these areas.  We take pride in our quality of product and quality of service: We strive to provide you with the best instant issue solution.


  • 100% immediate activation
  • Increase interchange income
  • Reduce fraud
  • Increases cardholder satisfaction
  • Reduce issuance costs
  • Increases cardholder interaction and product sales
  • Increase customer satisfaction – Much better customer experience!

Increase activation rates

Instant Issuance cards from Cards On The Spot have 100% immediate activation.  Cards On The Spot integrates directly with your transaction processing network. Because Cards On The Spot sends full records, not just the skeleton record, your instant issue cards are immediately active for all merchants.

Producing cards that are never activated is a tremendous waste of valuable capital.  With a 100% activation rate, your Cards On The Spot instant issued cards will be available when your cardholder needs it.

Increase interchange income

In the 10 business days, it takes to have a 3rd party produce and mail a card, you have lost valuable transaction fees and interchange income.  Instantly issued cards from Cards On The Spot produce immediately.

Reduce fraud

Mail fraud is a serious problem: stolen credit and debit cards can cost financial institutions millions of dollars per year.  With instant issue cards, you will verify the recipient in person to ensure a secure transaction.

Reduces issuance costs

The cost of issuing debit and credit cards has significantly increased with the EMV chip.  Instant issuance can reduce that cost.

Increase customer satisfaction

When your customers need a new credit or debit card, they need that card now.  When travel, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and major purchases arise your cardholders desperately need instant issuance.  Because you provide Cards On The Spot instant issuance, you will keep your cardholders satisfied.  Financial institutions market instant issuance as a vehicle to retain cardholders and to lure them from other institutions.

Increase customer interaction

Having a couple of minutes to talk with your customers will give your team the opportunity to introduce other products.

Because Cards On The Spot instant issued cards are immediately active, many institutions use this opportunity to educate their cardholders on the use of the ATM: This can be especially effective with less technically savvy populations. It will increase your brand loyalty and reduce your labour cost in the long run.

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