Direct-to-Card Printer

Impresoras de sobremesa

For direct-to-card printing designed to fit any card issuance environment

Launched in January 2020, the Matica MC310 direct-to-card printer offers a superior print quality and a complete line of encoding, lamination and communication options. Its versatility provides a solution to all vertical markets which need to run card issuance programs that require reliable and consistent high quality printing, converting the MC310 into the most flexible and reliable card printer platform in the market.

What can the MC310 achieve?

This printer delivers reliable, easy-to-use high-performance color card printing, which is what you need to run a successful card issuance program. This also includes notably fast output of over 180 cards per hour when printing single side and up to 850 cph when printing in monochrome. The optional in-line magnetic strip encoder and dual interface encoders for contact/contactless smart cards, maximizes its functionality for a broader set of application uses, such as access control, time and attendance, payment services and many more.

The MC310 is accompanied with a comprehensive ribbon program to cover all issuance needs in all vertical markets, including the new Matica YMCScKO ribbon to increase the number of visual security elements (VSE) on the card for security applications.

A superb choice solution for all vertical markets.

MC310 direct-to-card printer additional security option

If you are looking for more durable and secure cards, the use of the optional, east to install, in-line MC-L2 lamination module in combination with the MC310 allows you to issue cards which last longer and have an additional level of security against counterfeit.

Aside from its output, the MC310 is easy-to-use and reliable, making it a perfect fit for employees who work in card issuance and want a quick, reliable way to issue cards on demand or batch processes.

Principales puntos fuertes

  • 300 x 300 dpi
  • color and monochrome
  • Very high print quality and reliability


  • Contact and/ or contactless chip encoding
  • Lamination unit
  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • Single-wire connectivity

Especificaciones técnicas


30 cards (front) / 80 cards (rear)
Alimentador de 100 tarjetas, Alimentador de excepción

Personalización de la tarjeta

Directo a la tarjeta
300 x 300 dpi
180 cph


Codificador de tarjetas inteligentes con o sin contacto de interfaz dual, codificador de banda magnética ISO7811


Ethernet, USB


Dimensiones de la impresora (L x A x Al)
255.6 x 202 x 405.4 mm
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