Feeder Encoding Module-FEM

Feeder Encoding Module (FEM)

Increasing productivity and card capacity

Impresoras de sobremesa

The new Feeder Encoding Module (FEM) combines, all in one, input card hopper, card feeding and transportation, encoding and reject tray bringing an unprecedent value to the desktop card printing market.

The FEM can serve as automatic card feeder and accommodate all optional encoder modules.  This unique feature makes it possible to support multiple tasks in parallel. When encoding modules are installed, the FEM serves as a printing module and full speed of the printing power is guaranteed.

As part of the new MDM (Matica Desktop Modules) architecture, the FEM is compatible with Matica’s LES8000 and LCP8000, as well as XID8- and XID9-Series printer via the Interface module.

Cards in the FEM are stored in a lockable drawer, which can be conveniently accessed from the front side, providing easy card handling. On the other hand, the reject bin is located in the back of the card drawer. The tray can store up to 10 cards. If higher capacity is needed, an additional external 80 cards bin can be hocked.

Further additional options that can be installed are 1D/2D Barcode Reader and Digital Camera for OCR recognition.

Principales puntos fuertes

  • 1 – 4 feeders, 350 to 1,400 cards capacity
  • 350 cards feeder capacity


  • Contact and/ or contactless chip encoding

Especificaciones técnicas


Banda magnética, Chip de contacto, Chip sin contacto


Alimentador de 350 tarjetas





Dimensiones de la impresora (L x A x Al)
170 x 375 x 432 mm (23.35" x 14.77"x 17.00") | Weight 12kg (26.45 lbs)
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