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Enhanced security to maximize protection against forgery

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Matica’s Lamination Modules work with different materials. Probably the most common, straight forward classification is between clear lamination and holographic lamination materials for going that extra mile in forgery protection. These materials are also available in different forms and thicknesses. Continuous film (or overlay) and patches are the most frequently used with the lamination patch providing an extra protection against abrasion and UV thanks to its thickness, typically between 0.6 and 1.0 mil.

This is what makes the clear and hologram laminations especially durable. By combining the card printing with lamination modules, you can significantly improve the impact of wear and tear on the card. In laminate and holographic printing, the laminate is thermally bound to a card’s surface, protecting the layout of the card and increasing its life spam.

Clear lamination combined with UV blocker provides excellent adhesion to the card and UV light protection, which also retains long-lasting and vibrant colors. This layer prevents fading caused by heavy exposure to sunlight. Unnecessary costs become more efficient too since the clear and hologram laminate increases the cards’ ability to deal with water damage and tampering to avoid reissuing replacement cards as often.

Holographic laminate goes one step further by generating a customized, or generic off-the-shelf design, which adds enhanced protection against illicit copying.

Hologram printing creates the illusion in the laminate of a two-dimensional image, which appears to be three-dimensional depending on how the light falls onto it. Matica laminators use laminate films, which have pre-printed standard holograms, such as Matica’s chromXpert lamination films. However, custom holograms are also available, and can be made exclusively to match your project security specifications.

Custom holograms are increasingly applied to secure ID cards and sensitive documents, including debit and credit cards, driving licenses, passports, national ID cards and employee ID cards or security badges because they require enhanced protection against the counterfeit culture. Holograms make the illicit reproduction of these documents much more difficult and the holographic laminate brings an aesthetic value to a card or document  which can’t help but elevate its perceived value.




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