Compact Metal Plate Embosser

Applications spéciales

A compact version of metal plate embosser that features with silent embossing mechanism. Specifically designed to be placed in any industrial or office environment.

The C330 metal embosser is an ideal choice for industry that require lower production volume or as a back up unit for larger system.

C330 can be configured for either embossing or indenting applications with options character style available. Thanks to the universal plate feeder, the user can manually adjust the machine for varying plate dimensions based on application requirements.

Its flexibility and manageable configuration make it a versatile system that fit various applications. From dog tags, electronic appliance serial number plate to hardware parts tag, C330 is the versatile embossing system to get the job done.

Forces clés

  • Compact desktop design easily fits anywhere
  • Ideal for low to medium volume production
  • Reliable automatic plate feeder mechanism
  • Versatile for numerous metal plate applications

Caractéristiques techniques

Personnalisation de la mise en forme

Embossage, Indent
Up to 100 plates/hour (45 ch/plate)


Plaques métalliques
200 plaques




Dimensions de l'imprimante (L x l x h)
61 x 43 x 25cm; 25.5kg
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