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Fintech Instant Issuance

Everything You Need for On-Demand Financial Card Issuance

Why Instant Issuance?

Financial institutions are consistently looking for ways to engage customers, build brands, increase revenue and expand market share. And, as consumers become more and more used to solutions that provide them with immediate results and gratification, an instant issuance solution allows financial institutions to:

  • Drive additional revenue for their branches
  • Increase card usage
  • Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Improve engagement
  • Keep up with the market pace of thousands of branch locations that already offer this service to customers.

With Matica’s fully-integrated instant issuance solution, banks and credit unions can easily create a customer experience that drives loyalty.

cards on the spot

Why Matica?

  • A Welcome Change to the Industry. There’s no doubt that organizations have had varying choices for fully-integrated instant issuance providers. Matica puts our customers top-of-mind with better integrations, more efficiencies, as well as superior services and support. We are the welcome change.
  • Proven Industry Experience. We are not new to instant issuance. Our software has been around for decades, and we have years of industry experience in the financial and payments industries. Matica understands the evolving market demands and what customers want. We are committed to combining the latest in technology and service to deliver instant issuance solutions that are flexible, robust and seamless.
  • Customers Come First. We know organizations need innovative technology, which is what our platform is built on. However, they also want a company that can be there for them when they have questions or need support. Matica has built its company on taking a service-driven fundamental approach and philosophy. We work directly with our customers to ensure that their needs are met. Matica is your true partner that puts our customers’ needs first.

Let Matica help you today by making the process easy.

With an experienced team of experts, a truly integrated, proven instant issuance software that streamlines the process for card issuance; hardware and printers for every card program need; and service levels that put customers first, Matica is a true partner for all your instant issuance needs.

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