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desktop card printer EDISECURE MC-L

MC-LLamination Modules

MC-L2 Lamination Module

MC-L2Lamination Modules

Microprint ultra high resolution card printing XID8600

XID8600XID Retransfer Series

PVC ID card printer XID8300

XID8300XID Retransfer Series

S7000S7000 Platform

card laser engraver S6200LX

S6200LXS6200 Series

S6200 Central issuance for Fast and affordable card personalization

S6200GGS6200 Series

S6200 Central issuance for Fast and affordable card personalization

S6200GES6200 Series

S3200 custom debit cards printing

S3200S3000 Series

S5200ES5000 Series

S5200GS5000 Series

S6200E financial card industrial embosser

S6200ES6200 Series

K3 reliable kiosk card printer

K3 Kiosk Card PrinterIntegration Modules

matica s5200lx industrial printer with laser technology

S5200LXS5000 Series

Event badge printer XL8300

XL8300XID Retransfer Series

MS1000 card mailing system

MS1000Mailing Systems

Identity & Issuance Software

Card Exchange Producer

Available in different editions, CardExchange™ Producer gives you all the tools you need to create the perfect card layout for your needs using a simple step-by-step process. Within a few clicks, CardExchange™ Producer makes it easy to create, connect, encode, and produce identity cards for the likes of schools, universities, and access control. Specially designed with issuers in mind, CardExchange™ can come with optional preloaded card layouts to help save time and maintain consistency before you start designing. Alternatively, using the card wizard feature, you can create your own card designs in just a few clicks.

High resolution hologram printing

Lamination ModulesMatica Desktop Modules (MDM)

S3200HD for hd card print

S3200HDS3000 Series

S3200DUO financial retransfer card printer with dual feeder

S3200DUOS3000 Series

Dual Feeder for financial and id retransfer printers

Dual FeederMatica Desktop Modules (MDM)

matica desktop printer ribbons


The Matica Genuine Consumables have been exclusively designed to work together in perfect harmony with Matica desktop printers. All Matica Genuine Consumables have been grouped under a new premium ribbon program, chromXpert™,  which has been designed to produce the very best image quality with Matica card printing systems. Proven performance, top quality and color consistency combined with additional benefits and unique features.

s3300e financial desktop embosser

S3300eFinancial Instant Issuance Services

cards on the spot

Cards On The Spot (COTS)Financial Software

core financial

Core Financial System IntegrationFinancial Software

PACS 600 desktop card printer for physical access control

PACS600PACS Printers (US Only)

cards on the spot

Transaction Network ProcessorSoftware Integration Modules

batch card printing module

Batch Card Printing ModuleSoftware Integration Modules

cards on the spot connect api

COTSconnect APISoftware Integration Modules

ingenico COTS

Ingenico IPP320PSEncrypted PIN Pads

credit card example



Genuine Instant Issuance Printer ConsumablesConsumables

High resolution hologram printing

ILM-LS/DSLamination Modules

MC660XID Retransfer Series

LCP9660 Laser Color Personalization

LCP9660Laser Printer Engraver


C330Metal plate embosser


K3000 FII Kiosk


P402i Passport Printer

P402I / p4000Passport Series

S7000JetS7000 Platform

C430Metal plate embosser

S3110S3000 Series

Xpressi™ Secure IDXpressi™ Software

Xpressi Secure ID can deliver highly secure data preparation and smart card chip personalization from one secure centralized location, that has already been stress-tested to handle large influxes of data by many government facilities.

Xpressi™ Certificate of AuthorityXpressi™ Software

Xpressi™ Certificate Authority is an application for certificate generation and is ideal for closed-loop proprietary schemes requiring self-signing certificates. Used as stand-alone software or as an additional feature to mainstream Xpressi software packages, Xpressi Certificate of Authority can be teamed with Secure ID, Instant Issuance, and Xpressi Smart Q Print.

Xpressi™ Smart Q PrintXpressi™ Software

Configured to work in unison with selected Xpressi™ software packages, Smart Q Print has been designed to work in centralized environments. It farms out card issuance tasks to multiple printers, enabling them to operate simultaneously with any desktop hardware. With its easy-to-use graphical interface, Smart Q Print offers a flexible configuration to manage cards by different issuers, card layouts, printers, and databases.

Xpressi™ Customized DevelopmentXpressi™ Software

Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to integrate hardware, Matica has the software for any card issuance organization. The Xpressi™ software team has the experience and expertise to tailor the design and develop software packages specifically for your requirement. This can be for one singular entity or for multiple card production facilities across the globe.

Xpressi™ Script IssuanceXpressi™ Software

Xpressi Script Issuance is designed around operational efficiency. When the request for personalization is made, the Xpressi™ Script Issuance server processes the data and executes the personalization script.  The server will then transmit back to encode the chip.

Xpressi™ LiteXpressi™ Software

Xpressi Lite enables issuers to personalize pre-printed identity and financial cards, allowing issuers to bulk buy pre-designed cards and personalize the smart card chips. Xpressi Lite will change the data on the smart card chips to match the user's credentials on the integrated system.


Physical access control systems id card printers

PACS300PACS Printers (US Only)


PACS200PACS Printers (US Only)

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