Batch Card Printing Module 
The solution for mass issuance

Financial Instant Issuance

You can stop paying high prices and avoid lengthy issuance cycles by bringing your out-sourced central issuance of Visa and Mastercard cards in house.  Cards On The Spot instant issuance can be extended for central issuance with the COTS Batch Card Printing Module.

Have a CAMs alert, a data breach, a compromise?  Get new EMV cards to your cardholders fast – in branch and/or through the mail.

Cards On The Spot Batch Card Printing Module will:

  • Produce all your reissues
  • Print records directly from your core or import a re-issue file
  • Print and encode EMV cards in manageable batches
  • Print card mailers
  • Print PIN mailers
  • Help retain your customers after a breach
  • Lower your cost per card
  • Increase your interchange revenue

Let’s face it, cardholders can’t wait ten days for a replacement when they need a card now.  And, you can’t lose ten days of interchange revenue.

Cards On The Spot instant issuance paired with the COTS Batch Card Printing Module is a powerful end-to-end card issuance solution.


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