XID9600e plastic ID card printer


Unique heavy-duty card issuance for high quality ID and payment cards

Desktop Card Printers

Meet Matica’s XID9600e, a superior plastic ID card printer from the high performance retransfer card printer series of desktop solutions utilizing reliable over-the-edge retransfer technology. Designed for heavy-duty printing, this robust model was also developed with busy service bureaus in mind. Thus, it specializes in low to mid-volume highly secure ID card output and fares especially well in decentralized production environments.

High-definition retransfer printing for expert personalization

Two key strengths make this full-color 600 dpi printer particularly well suited for on the spot issuance: speed and quality. Its high resolution allows inclusion of extra security features from barcodes to microtext, microline or digital fine line patterns. In addition, both sides of the card are personalizable thanks to the dual-sided mode of this plastic id card printer.

The XID9600e is the most sophisticated retransfer card printer offering in the desktop card issuance market. Its efficiency is further warranted through the parallel processing. That is to say, it can juggle up to 3 jobs (such as feeding, encoding and lamination) at the same time. In terms of output speed, it means that a single-sided full-color card can be ready in 29 seconds.

Flexibility through modular design and seamless integration

The modularity of this plastic id card printer makes adaptation to each market sector or printing job possible. While the factory standard card feeder module stores up to 350 cards, you have the option to increase the number of feeders to 4 to accommodate up to 1,400 cards or process different card types within the same production line. Choose among the PVC and composite PVC, PET-G, PC materials at 0.25 to 1.0 mm thickness to suit your projects.

As a part of the new Matica Desktop Modules (MDM) concept, the XID9600e may be put together based on a number of individual and unique hardware modules. Therefore, additional devices, such as a barcode reader or an inline lamination unit can be connected via infrared transmission. Windows-based Matica Desktop Suite software further allows for a smooth communication between the PC and printer, production line creation and subsequent job management.

Choose XID9600e for optimal security, connectivity and integration

High security card production is incomplete without one or multiple encoding options. The XID9600e offers magnetic stripe, as well as contact or contactless encoding compliant with international standards. Its USB hub also makes integration of third party chip encoders possible. Moreover, the device comes with a number of security features built in to hinder unauthorized access to cards and consumables. These include both electronic and physical locks on key modules.
In sum, Matica’s XID9600e desktop retransfer model is a durable and versatile solution for high performance plastic id card printing and personalization in financial or governmental sectors.

Key Strengths

  • 1 – 4 feeders, 350 to 1,400 cards capacity
  • 350 cards feeder capacity
  • 600 x 600 dpi
  • Parallel printing and encoding process

Technical Specifications

Layout Personalization

Dye sublimation
600 dpi
single sided YMCK: 29 seconds per card


Magnetic stripe, Contactless chip


Format & materials
350-card feeder




Printer dimensions (L x W x H)
593 x 375 x 432 mm (23.33 x 14.77' x 17.00 inch), 32 kg (66.36 lbs)
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