Matica S3300e compact machine for financial sector instant issuance

The S3300e is the most compact and easy-to-use financial desktop embossing in the market. The newly designed drum and tipping module enable the S3300e to instantly issue embossed credit pre-printed cards at branch level. The system’s security is optimized allowing banks and financial institutions to issue credit cards without hitches.

Emboss, indent & tipping: all in one

Regarded as the most compact, easy-to-use financial embossing desktop system on the market, the S3300e includes and state-of-the-art, 72-character drum for front-side embossing and rear indent. The new tipper module, based on cassette consumable for easy operation, is available in four colors (white, black, gold and silver). The S3300e is also available for credit and debit cards, this full configuration includes two drums, rear and front infill module and tipping. The system fits perfectly into any environment and can be easily integrated into a secure vault for restricted access. The front-access manual feeder ensures an easy operation. It can be configured with 6 automatic feeders of 100 cards each, which allow the user to choose from 6 individually type of cards. The 6 feeders have an electronic and key control lock as a security feature.

MasterCard® and VISA® compliant and includes ‘Matica Security Pack’

The S3330e includes the ‘Matica Security Pack’ for financial issuance, which is a comprehensive set of security features that fulfils specific requirements for financial card personalization. It fully complies with international regulations that govern physical and logical security in the financial issuance industry and can be relied upon to safeguard any business that seeks to refine and develop their systems, their customer service, cost savings and their overall reputation.

Key Strengths

  • Compact desktop design easily fits anywhere
  • Electronics key locks
  • Electronics key locks and security key
  • Embossing and tipping
  • Visa and Mastercard security compliance


  • Contact and/ or contactless chip encoding
  • Magnetic stripe encoding: HiCo/LoCo – std. tracks 1, 2 & 3 (ISO/IEC 7811)
  • Single-wire connectivity

Technical Specifications


Embossing, Indenting, Tipping

Less than one minute per card (mag encoding, embossing, tipper)


Magnetic stripe
Contact chip
Contactless chip


Format & materials




Printer dimensions (L x W x H)
400 x 600 x 240 mm

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