Matica’s S7000Jet is the latest addition to its reliable and established S7000 platform. This brand new system has been developed entirely by Matica’s engineers and is set to revolutionize secure printing for the payment market. Using Drop on Demand (DoD) printing technology, the S7000Jet is a cost-efficient solution that can print up to 1500 cards an hour with outstanding print quality in both black and white.

What makes the S7000Jet ideal for payment card issuance? Minimal maintenance is required.

Capping and cleaning are both automated, this reduces maintenance time and is a simple process that can performed without the need for expert technical support.

User-friendly: The S7000Jet’s visual interface is easy to learn and use. Ink can be monitored in real-time and adjustments can be made easily.

Flexible small batch production: The S7000Jet is ideal for combining small batch orders into one production run – seamlessly and without any interruption. Whether printing full surface plasma or configuring side and color(s), no intervention or interruption is required between batches, making the S7000Jet perfect for Rainbow jobs.

Sustainable: Pre-configured for optimal personalization quality on eco-friendly materials such as PLA and R-PVC.

High-resolution: The BiancoNero printing head and inks enable high quality graphical personalization in black and white. Other spot colors are available on request.

Seamless integration: with third-party chip personalization and production management software. Smart Card Integration ready for existing S7000 users.     

Key Strengths

  • Built on S7000 proven architecture
  • Built to be easy to use and service
  • Configured to have maximum up-time
  • Designed for being compact
  • Excellent personalization quality
  • Ideal for Rainbow job without interruptions
  • Single SW fully compliant with Visa/Mastercard requirements
  • Speed 1.500 cards per hour

Watch the S7000Jet video

Technical specifications


BiancoNero Ink


Ethernet and/or USB, Ethernet


Drop on Demand Printing (DoD)


1500 cards per hours


Single or multi smart card contact, Magnetic stripe


Format & materials
CR80 plastic or metal

Single or multiple card stacker 600 cards

600-card feeder
Single or multiple card feeder


Printer dimensions
(L x W x H)
Depends on configuration

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