Xpressi™ Certificate Of Authority

Providing compliant certification

Xpressi™ Certificate Authority is an application for certificate generation and is ideal for closed-loop proprietary schemes requiring self-signing certificates. Used as stand-alone software or as an additional feature to mainstream Xpressi software packages, Xpressi Certificate of Authority can be teamed with Secure ID, Instant Issuance, and Xpressi Smart Q Print.

Process Overview

  • Keys are created specifically for the certificate type customers will be signing
  • The application ID of the certificate is stored with the key in a RID field
  • A unique certificate authority index (CA index) is associated with the certificate and the signing key
  • The certificate of authority index is stored with the key
  • The keys are stored in a database
  • The database is then configured and each key use is recorded in an audit database.

Key Features

  • Ease of operation with a user-friendly interface
  • Creation, tracking, and storage of public/private key pairs for signing into a SQL database
  • Support for multiple vendor certificates
  • Complete PCI Compliance

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