cards on the spot

Transaction Network Processor 
Cardholders can use their card immediately for all merchants

Мгновенный выпуск

Cards On The Spot sends full records, not just the skeleton record, to your transaction processing network:  Your cardholders can use their card immediately for all merchants.

Skeleton records include Name, Business Name, PAN, PIN Offset, and Expire Date.  Cards On The Spot also sends Full Address, Phone, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Products and Limits – automatically and immediately.  This level of transaction processor integration is unique to Cards On The Spot.

  • COOP (Efunds)
  • ELAN
  • First Data – Omaha
  • First Data – Wilmington (Star)
  • FIS
  • Fiserv EFT / Card Services
  • JHA Passport / CPS
  • Mastercard IPS
  • Visa DPS (Standard / Enhanced)
  • Worldpay
  • Additional processors integrated as needed

Технические характеристики



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