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The MC310 is a powerful machine from Matica’s direct-to-card printer line which offers superior print quality and a complete line of encoding, lamination and communication options. Reliable and consistent high quality printing that is a well suited and a versatile solution to all vertical markets that need to run card issuance programs.

The technology and advantages of direct-to-card printers

Direct-to-card printing process transfers images directly onto the card being personalized by heating a built-in ink ribbon and pressing it straight onto the smooth card’s surface (i.e. cards made from regular PVC or composite with PVC Top Layer and ABS cards to be used with monochrome ribbons). A YMCKO color ribbon is used to make photographic quality ID cards. The printer uses the YMC panels to print the color images or characters, while the K panel is used to print deep black characters or images such as barcodes that have to remain machine-readable despite regular use. The O panel is an overlay that serves as a coating for your card. Single-color/ monochrome ribbons help create crisp monochrome images and are used mainly to personalize pre-printed cards.
This simple single-step dye sublimation process stands in contrast to reverse transfer printing technology, where ink is applied to a clear film first and then to the card itself. While both methods have their advantages, direct-to-card printers can generally warrant a higher output per hour and lower production costs. With the MC310, this translates to up to 180 cards per hour when printing color single side and up to 850 cards per hour when printing in monochrome. The MC310 is accompanied with a comprehensive ribbon program to cover all issuance needs in all vertical markets, including the new Matica YMCScKO ribbon to increase the number of visual security elements (VSE) on the card for security applications.
Depending on the needs of your organization, the MC310 can easily evolve to a dual-sided printing, anytime, anywhere without the need to install additional hardware components.

Stay flexible with seamless integration and effortless updates

This space-saving, sleek design model offers 4 LED status indicators on the front of the printer, in combination with the 2-line LCD display, facilitates the use of the printer providing all necessary information to the operator, making the MC310 extremely easy to use. In addition, the LED light to indicate the process status at a glance help reduce the need for manual monitoring and free up your staff to interact with customers or pursue other duties.
As your office and business demands expand, so does the functionality of your device: optional upgrades such as inline magnetic stripe, contact/contactless encoders can be added to your existing configuration. This way, you can broaden the list of applications for your direct-to-card printer in the future such as automatic access control or attention tracking, without necessarily investing in a new machine.
Matica’s proprietary Windows-based print management software, as well as optional Ethernet connectivity are offered to make printing and encoding simple, convenient and trouble-free.

Need more durable and secure cards? The use of the optional, easy-to-install, in-line MC-L2 lamination module in combination with the MC310 allows you to issue cards which last and have an additional level of security against counterfeit.

Matica’s direct-to-card printers: Consistency, durability and optimal return on investment

With their robust and durable construction, speedy and reliable output and clean design, Matica’s direct-to-card printers are the perfect solutions for a variety of businesses and organizations ranging from retail to entertainment, from corporate to education. So whether you are looking for a way to create student or patient IDs, gift cards or event passes – simply place your device behind the counter, on the desk or inside a cabinet for a fast and simple production.

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