When you look at offering instant issuance, you need to select a product and a vendor that offers an effective overall solution. You should consider the entire process of creating a card in your core system as well as the actual printing of the card. This is where Cards On The Spot outshines all competitive products. Unlike others, Matica offers a browser-based solution that is integrated with your core system. Depending on your system, the card is created in either Cards On The Spot or in your core system…and we make it faster, easier, and more accurate than any other solution. Offering multiple card financial printers and embossers options allows you to design the solution that fits your needs. This includes:
  • Full photo-quality flat graphic card printing or embossing of preprinted cards
Cards On The Spot integrates well because our interfaces access the core system directly while others offer only a light touch integration approach.  


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