Empowering cardholders through self-service kiosks

Self-service has reached an entirely different level as we navigate the era of less contact between consumers and businesses; as well as more control of what services consumers want. Couple that with a fast-paced, do-it-yourself world, and there is an aggressive emerging trend for self-service kiosks. Industries that are seeing growth in this realm include fast food service, grocery stores, hotels, transit locations and, of course, financial services. Consumers want control. Fast-forward to today’s landscape, and self-service kiosk is evolving even more in the financial services industry, offering more than just cash withdrawal and deposits.  One way it is doing this is through self-service instant issuance.  Thousands of banks and credit unions already see the advantage of the instant issuance model – including providing cardholders the ability to walk into a branch location and receive a fully issued and activated card in a matter of minutes.

Benefits of self-service instant issuance

  • Providing superior customer service levels with innovative solutions
  • Reduce customer wait times
  • Enabling secure, convenient, and instant services for card issuance
  • Empowering consumers to make their decisions as they want
  • Creating demand for a service that differentiates you in the market
  • Lowering costs given that self-service kiosks do not need to be staffed full-time
  • Providing multi-channel options and deepens the customer relationship
  • Increasing cardholder access to 24×7

Matica kiosks: a complete, fully customizable solution

Matica has created an instant issuance self-service kiosks that is ideal for any bank or credit union.  Designed specifically to fit perfectly into any instant card issuance environment, the Matica K3000 Kiosk offers a user-friendly experience that is easy to implement and easy to use. In addition, it is secure, robust, and flexible offering high-resolution printing technology with best-in-class software. The K3000 Kiosk also has a touchless feature that can be enabled by scanning a QR code on the kiosk’s screen with a smartphone, which then allows the smartphone to interact with the kiosk.


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